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Harrods of the North


Why locals love it

Jenners is the oldest department store is Scotland, situated in busy Princes Street in the heart of Edinburgh. Currently owned by the House of Frasers, the store has over 100 different departments and sells products from international designers to local Scottish producers.



Why you should visit it

Jenners has been a popular shopping destination since its opening in 1838. Its beautiful Victorian building is now listed and you can pop in to admire it, have some (window) shopping or just simply escape from rain and cold. They operate a small cafe, where you can warm up and through the windows watch the traffic passing by.

Special tip

Every christmas they set up a giant christmas tree in the middle of the store which can reach up to the third floor. Impressive!

48 Princes St.

Su: 11:00-18:00

Mon-We: 09:30-18:30

Th: 09:30-20:00

Fr: 09:30-19:00

Sa: 09:00-19:00

+44 844 800 3725
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