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First World War Defense Outposts In Metropolitan Helsinki/Espoo

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In 1914, Finland was apart of the great Russian Empire. At the starting of the World War I, the war did not passed the Finland's shores, as Russians built a strong fortress chain around Helsinki. The Defense Outpost Line makes a …

FrisbeeGolf Espoo

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The basic principle of Frisbee Golf is the same as in golf, except replacing the traditional golf racket and ball with a variety of Frisbees. Instead of a golf course with holes, the target is a metallic basket. Frisbee golf has …

Nuuksio National Park

9 places
Relax your hectic rutines from the in the Metropolitan National Park that is located in Nuuksio. In Nuuksio's nature you can do all kinds of activities, the park is suitable all ages and park has lot of nature to discover. Nuuksi…

Rantaraitti /Waterfront Trail

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The Espoo's Waterfront Walkline is a unique outdoor nature trail, it defines the shoreline of seaside. The Trail is walk through a wide variety of environments: including nature reserves, urban cultural city history, cafés and re…

Espoon Kotikaupunkipolut/ Espoo's Urban Trails

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Espoo's urban trails open up perspectives on Espoo's five distinctive city centers. The walking trails present history and the present, culture and nature, architecture as well as interesting personalities. Hometown paths were as…