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Visiting decisions

By Traveller August 18, 2021

Visiting decisions

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By Mizar Traveller August 18, 2021

Hello everyone!
Next week I'm visiting Firenze for three days, and I'm quite indecisive whether what to visit. For now, I have a ticket for the Galleria dell'a Accademia and Brunelleschi's dome (since the cathedral is free). From there, I'm not sure what to do...

I was thinking of visiting the Galleria degli Uffizi, but I don't know if it's better to do it on my own or with a guide (the price doubles). And also, I was thinking of visiting either Palazzo Vecchio or the Palazzo Pitti. I've been reading that a huge part of the Pitti Palace is closed because of COVID and reforms, so I'm slightly inclined to go to the Vecchio, but maybe check out the Bobboli Gardens?

Any kind of help is well-received, also tips, recommendations or anything you may want to add. By the way, my hotel is close to the Santa Maria di Novella church.

Thanks in advance!

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