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Part 1: Exploring Frankfurt and nearby places...

By Traveller May 4, 2017

Part 1: Exploring Frankfurt and nearby places...

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By Nichole Traveller May 4, 2017

Hallo! :)

This is PART 1 of 2 quite lengthy posts, as I have several questions. My husband and I will be staying with his family for the majority of our stay in Germany. We've also booked an Airbnb in Eltville for a couple of nights and one in Mainz. We will be in Germany for 2 weeks total. I am curious to know which activities/ experiences are not free of charge that one might assume would be - such as local parks I'll mention below (I would assume museums and such would require an entry fee), best modes of transportation from point A to point B, and other advice you could give a first time tourist in Germany.

So this is my itinerary (not set in stone):
1) * Bethmann Park - Chinese Garden, * Eiserner Steg (I love the idea of love locks/ padlocks on the bridge. I plan on locking one on there with my husband), * Museum Embankment (considering purchasing a 2-day ticket pass)

2) * Romerberg, * Museum Embankment (to check out museums we didn't visit - same 2-day ticket pass), * Alte Oper (to pay to see Alvin Ailey or CATS or just to take photos in front of the fountain and building itself)

3) Darmstadt: * Museum Künstlerkolonie / Russian Chapel (just to view them/ take photos mainly), * Shiraz restaurant (Do you have to make reservations?/ Is it worth a visit?)...

Thank you all in advance for advice and recommendations!

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Wow :)
I don't know about Darmstadt but regarding Frankfurt: As far as I can tell, the things you expect to be free (the ones mentioned in the post) should be free.

Local Guru May 4, 2017
Great. Thanks, Nadine :)