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Feel the bygone era

No to Cyk

Why locals love it

It is a place where you can have a beer, vodka or orangeade together with a snack. We also come here because all those old gears like washing machine "Frania" and plates reminding us that "a client wearing a tie is less likely to brawl" can bring back our childhood. Remember! The enemy of nation is just around the corner to catch you! Beware!



Why you should visit it

Because it is amazingly cheap and you can feel the bygone era of People's Republic of Poland with all its absurds and empty shelves in the shops.

Special tip

You can toss a dice each wednesday. The number you toss - the price you pay (for a beer).

No to Cyk
Chlebnicka 2

Mon-Su: 14:00-04:00

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