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clubs in gdansk

By Traveller December 10, 2016

clubs in gdansk

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By Oreste Traveller December 10, 2016

Good evening i would like to know one nice night for thursday, one for friday and one for saturday...thanks oin advance

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In the centre of Gdańsk there are really only 4 or 5 clubs. For Friday & Saturday, you should check out Parlament and Bunkier. Cafe Absinthe is also a really great place to party. For the Thursday, none of the clubs in Gdańsk will be busy so I'd recommend that you go to Dream Club in Sopot.
Local December 11, 2016
Thank you very much for your fast reply....and what about club miasto aniolow, club echo and yesterday club?

Another question....Sopot is full also during winter? which are best clubs, except naturally dream club?
Oreste Traveller December 11, 2016
Yesterday is a studenty place but quite good, Miasto Aniołów is always busy but its not such a good place for tourists & Echo is really new so I can't give any opinion on it! It's probably not very popular because it's very close to Absinthe.

Sopot is a beach resort so it's def not as busy in winter but there are always people about. Dream Club is always the busiest club (which is why I suggested it) but personally I prefer 3siostry, Wtedy & Mewa. All cool places with good music and a fun atmosphere ;)
Alasdair Local December 11, 2016