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December Trip to Gdansk

By Traveller August 27, 2019

December Trip to Gdansk

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By FOOK Traveller August 27, 2019

Hi Everybody, can nice persons kindly recommend what are the cuisine, attractions in Gdansk?
Thank you all in advance

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Hi Fook,

For restaurants, I would recommend Tekstylia, Canis, Sapore & Mandu. The first 2 are premium options with really really good food, the latter 2 are much cheaper but also very tasty indeed.

For attractions, Undercover City Games is the coolest way to explore the city- its a really fun (& affordable) alternative to traditional sightseeing tours. I also suggest kayaking on the Motława River if they are still open when you come.

Aly :)
Local September 2, 2019
Hi Alasdair, thank you so much
FOOK Traveller September 2, 2019
Being in Gdańsk you have to visit Pierogarnia Mandu, which serves polish pierogi (one of the most famous polish dishes)

There are two locations:
- in City Center at Elżbietańska Street
- near Oliwa Park at Kaprów Street

I also recommend visting anything with name Bar Mleczny which is cheapest dining option, there are plenty of locals visiting those bars

Attractions not to avoid: City Center (basically stroll around those streets, especially recommending Mariacka Street with many amber shops, as Gdańsk is known for amber.
Also visit Park Oliwski and Pachołek Hill for good views
Some musuems worth visitng: WW2 Museum, European Center of Solidarity also Westerplatte where the WW2 began
Local August 27, 2019
Thank you very much, Maciej
Hi, you can find any kind of cuisine you like there are plenty restaurants in Gdansk offering wide range of cusine at slony spichlerz you can find many typer of food in one place and also check rooftop bar.
For polish cuisine try dumplings.
As for attractions you can find shared tours at
Traveller August 27, 2019
Hi Adrian, great info..thanks very much