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Best things to see and do?

By Traveller October 23, 2017

Best things to see and do?

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By PHILIP Traveller October 23, 2017

We have just arrived in Gdansk obviously the weather isn't great but still want to get out and see as much as possible if people know the things we should definitely do while we are here?

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Here are some of my favourite things to do in and around Gdansk:
Spend some time in Sopot -walk along the Sopot pier (catch the train from to Sopot and walk down the Montecassino blvd to get to it)
WW2 museum
Solidarnosc museum
Take the ferry to Westerplatte, walk around some of the ruins, see the beautiful views
Sztutowo (Sztutthof) museum (it's a concentration camp site about an hour bus ride from Gdansk towards Kalingrad)
Check out some of the little museums along Dluga street (the amber museum, Artus' court etc.)
Local October 24, 2017
Thanks Sonya this is great planning a trip to Sopot tomorrow hopefully get to the pier even if it is cold!
No worries, Sopot is well worth it even in bad weather!