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Where to stay

By Traveller February 17, 2018

Where to stay

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By Tracy Traveller February 17, 2018

We are a couple in our 50's coming to Gdansk in June. We would like to stay in an area with good bars and restaurants with plenty going on but not loud crowed nightclubs. Could you please suggest an area or accomodation

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Hello Tracy

Old town is a touristic place so prices of accommodation there are higher than in the rest of the city. Personally, I would recommend to stay in Wrzeszcz district which is a geometrical centre of Gdańsk.

Easy access to public transport. Try smarthotel.

Probably you have heard of Sopot and Gdynia which are cities close to Gdańsk.
Sopot is even more touristic (and more expensive) than Gdańsk and nightlife is placed exactly there. Gdynia is a young, "modern" city, worth to visit it for a few hours but not to stay there.

Let me know if you need more information :)
Thank you Joanna, we have booked a lovely apartment in the old town. It was £240 GDP for 4 nights. I did see cheaper ones but this has access to a swimming pool and spa facilities so i thought was worth paying a bit more for, we will visit sopot and gdynia. It it simple to use and purchase train tickets to get to these places, do train tickets need validating after purchase? We got fined in Budapest after buying train tickets but we did not know they then had to be validated ☺
Hey Tracy

I'm happy that you have already found comfortable accommodation :)
If we are talking about tickets: it depends - some you have to validate, some bought in a ticket machine has a timestamp and it's not needed.

Anyway, I would suggest to consider buying "Bilet Metropolitarny" which allows you to travel without any limits around all three cities (Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot) by public transport (also water trams in Gdańsk and all connections to the airport!). Ticket for 72h costs around 10 pounds per person. You will have to validate in only once.
Hi Tracy! For how long would You like to stay in Gdansk?
For me personally I will recomend You to stay someware close to old town area. There are many bars and restaurants. Also close to train and bus station. Everything depends of a budget. IBut if You're foodie go to Gdynia for a dinner!
Local February 17, 2018
Thank you, we are there for 5 days in June. I will look at accommodation in the old town and will look at gdynia too.
Tracy Traveller February 17, 2018