Cover image of this place Le Bal Infernal - used book café


Le Bal Infernal - used book café

Why locals love it

It's a cosy pub with lot of (used) books but also kind and popular music. It opens at noon but stays open until 3 am. So you can go for a coffee and a break at noon or to meet with friends before going to a party.



Why you should visit it

It's quiet but in a modern way. Perfect place to talk a little bit deeper.

Special tip

Bring a book along, write a message in it, your name and the date, and you can free trade with more than 10,000 books that are arranged by theme.

Le Bal Infernal - used book café
Kammerstraat 6, Gent, België

Tu-Su: 12:30-02:00

Tu-Su: 12:30-02:00

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