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Homemade Jenever!

't Dreupelkot

Why locals love it

Jenever is a kind of liquor that comes in all flavors. 't Dreupelkot makes his own jenevers. It's a very small place with a terrace outside near the water. It's a warm place that's very popular on the weekends and during festivities



Why you should visit it

It is a very small brownish bar, it feels warm and cosy. It is a peculiar place and a great break during a walk through the city, before or after dinner, at night... When enjoying your jenever next to the water you can see the castle Gravensteen as well.

Special tip

I believe you should sip your jenever once before you pick it up. When you've done that you may pick it up and take it to your table.

't Dreupelkot
Groentenmarkt 12, 9000 Gent, België
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