Any vegetarian restaurant tips?

By Traveller May 22, 2019
The Hague

Any vegetarian restaurant tips?

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By breklyn Traveller May 22, 2019

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Near me is Symbiose, Googleable, (it's about 15 mins from city centre by tram). In fact, there's a strange concentration of vegetarian restos in the vicinity, Google Map it!

Tip: Most Southeast Asian (Indonesia, Thai, Vietnam, etc.) restaurants also have vegetarian sections on the menu.
Traveller May 23, 2019
Symbiose looks like a great one and deliciouse menu. Much appreciated, thanks!
Zheng gives guests a real taste of China, thanks to a menu featuring small dishes from four of the most important styles of Chinese cuisine. The tyart objects (also for sale) contribute to the traditional ambience. Spical crockery and ubtle cuisine which nonetheless offers a wealth of flavours. Vegetarian options possible..
Zheng Restaurant
Prinsestraat 33
One of the best restaurants in the The Netherlands.
Local Expert May 22, 2019
Thx, but Im always a bit cautious with chinese restaurants that aren’t vegetarian per sé, that they use ingredients like shrimp paste and oyster in there vegetarian dishes. Do u know if this is the case or not?
There is an app called 'Happy Cow'. I use it all the time when I am trying to find vegetarian options. It allows you to pick what your looking for (restaurant, cafe, bar) and pick what dietary restrictions you have (vegetarian, vegan), plus the style of the cuisine (mexican, chinese, etc.). Then it finds the closest options that match.
Local May 22, 2019
Ah yes, HappyCow
Zebedeus on the ground floor of Grote Kerk (Big Church)
Local May 22, 2019
Thanks, looks like a beautiful restaurant