By Traveller July 10, 2017
The Hague


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By Pavol Traveller July 10, 2017

Hi guys!

We are a group of seven people thinking about staying in the hostel Stayokay (the address is Scheepmakersstraat 27, Haag, 2515 VA). We are also thinking about renting a car but I do not know what is the price for parking per one day in the Hague. Can anyone help me with this? Or are there any free parking spots by walking distance from the hostel?

Thank you very much for help in advance :-)

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Hi Pavol,
Parking in the streets in the city is crazy expensive, but a parking garage is max €30 per 24 hours. You can still park for free outside, close to the hostel. You need to park in 'Laak' which is the neighborhood across the water of the big college 'Haagse Hogeschool' . Still walking distance from your place. Enjoy!!
Local July 10, 2017
Hi, Erik, thank you very much for the info I really appreciate it :-)
Hi Pavol, first of all, great you are visiting The Hague, make the most of it, I'm sure you'll like it! You really don't need a car to get around the city (best is walking and trams) nor to go to nearby cities like Delft, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Utrecht for example, since public transport is super comvenient. So maybe think twice about renting a car, also because there are hardly places left in Dutch cities where you can park for free so it may be more expensive in the end! If you do rent a car, best is to ask your hostel about parking nearby as I don't know that area very well.
Good luck and have fun!
Local July 10, 2017
Hello, Merel,

thank you very much for the reply. I will explain you our situation. There is another option to stay via Airbnb in Gouda and the free parking spot is included that is why I would like to know what option is better for us. We are going to stay in Netherlands from 28th July till 1st August and would like to visit the Hague, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and maybe Maastricht. That is why we believe it is much easier and time-saving to rent a car and always leave it somewhere on Park + Ride spot which is usually 10 euros per day. Do you think renting a car is not a good idea?
Ah I see, I must say I wouldn't know the price of Park and Ride, nor how many places of those are in the cities, I do know that normal parking places on the street as well as in underground parking lots is quite expensive. But going to Maastricht may be sensible by car if you can manage to squeeze that in ;) How about you download the app OV9292 it is a very accurate app that show the best public transport routes to the destination you enter including price, us Dutchies use it all the time. You will be there over the weekend and during holidays so if it is nice weather traffic can be horrendous keep that in mind. Compare the prices and travel times with the app to your estimates of Car rental and you'll make the right choice! Sorry i don't know the parking prices.
Wow, perfect! Thank you very much for help and kindness I am going to download the app immediately and will be clever then :-)