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Grilled cheese for lunch

Why locals love it

People come here for the relaxed atmosphere and the best grilled cheese in town. For those in a rush, they also have to go options. Some of the people working here are mentally challenged and with the help of a supervisor, they will make great sandwiches, in many different combinations.


Why you should visit it

Dutch people love their grilled cheese, which they call tosti's. Tosti van Josti is the place that serves many different variations of grilled sandwiches. People come here for the relaxed atmosphere, the great coffee or homemade lemonade and of course all kinds of grilled cheese sandwiches.

Special tip

Double your tosti by say you want to "dubbelen". This means that you will get twice as much cheese, meat or whatever you like on your grilled cheese

Tosti van Josti
Korte Poten 5, 2511 EB Den Haag, Nederland
070 744 05 44
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