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I want to have a typical meal. Where and what should I eat?

By Traveller May 23, 2018

I want to have a typical meal. Where and what should I eat?

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By Maria Traveller May 23, 2018

I’d really like to dig into the local cuisine on my trip. Any recommendations for authentic local places? Anything I absolutely must try?

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While there is arguably no "typical" meal for Halifax, most people who come make a beeline for seafood. Some good restaurant options located downtown are McKelvies, The Five Fishermen, and Salty's.

If you are interested in trying some oysters look no further than The Press Gang and their sister restaurant, Lot Six.

Finally, the pinnacle of east coast late-night fare is the Halifax Donair. You'll find one at nearly any pizza shop but two good options are King of Donair (considered the original) and Johnny K's at Pizza Corner on Grafton St. and Blowers St.
Local May 23, 2018
If you're looking for lobster it just depends how much you're willing to spend.
You can get a delicious meal at the Five Fishermen which is quite expensive (I used to work here), but if you're looking for a cheap/good lobster sandwich certain Sobeys (grocery store) locations have freshly made sandwiches for $7.99.

Halifax is also known for Donair and Garlic Fingers. Most pizza places in town will have both on the menu, but if you want an added experience go to Pizza Corner (Grafton & Blowers intersection) and people watch.
It’s very hard question for me as I’m a Nutritionist:))
Mostly never eating outside:)

But if you wanna try something authentically Haligonian go to:
My Father’s mustache

If you like something Like Italian style and really good quality go to :
Bicycle theft

Good luck ;)
Local May 29, 2018
Hi Maria:

When you say "typical", do you mean what Halifax/ Nova Scotia is known for? In which case, do you eat lobster? Salty's on the waterfront is a great place to have a lobster meal, overlooking the water, and in the heart of downtown Halifax.
Local May 23, 2018