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Craving for a Shisha?

Why locals love it

Its a chilled and cool place to hang out with friends and colleagues after work to have a couple of drinks, eats, relax, chitchat and have a Shisha from a delicious variety of flavors. Life music is also played. And the Shishas are very affordable and good quality.


Why you should visit it

It has this oriental vibe to it and is beautiful :) You will really like it and if you are craving the best and most affordable Shisha in town, you need to come here. You will not be disappointed! Trust me. Try the fresh brewed mint-tea and the mint-orange shisha

Special tip

Shisha Mint-Tea Cocktails

Kanka Orientdeluxe
Kettengase 6-8

Mon-Su: 11:30-01:00

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