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Best night out in Heidelberg on monday

By Traveller August 9, 2017

Best night out in Heidelberg on monday

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By Gary Traveller August 9, 2017

Coming over for the Liverpool v hoffenheim game and would love to know the best night out on a Monday!?

Love you to show us the best bars and pubs etc!?

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O'reilly's Irish pub has a Monday quiz night and whoever wins gets a pub t-shirt and a bucket of beer! also it has great Guinness, so worth a visit :) if you come after 8 or 9 you'll probably wanna reserve a table cause its really popular on Mondays
Local November 29, 2017
Gary, after the Dubliner (good for a start) go to the 'Untere Strasse'. Plenty of bars! My favourites are called 'Sonderbar' - better known as 'Betreutes Trinken' which translates into assisted drinking. Right across is the 'Destille' sing along music and well-known for Melon Schnaps.
Local August 10, 2017
Cheers! Who's up for a party tonight!!!?!
I'm a personal fan of the Dubliner on the Hauptstraße and Reichsapfel on Unteresteaße. These are both in the Altstadt where if these places are dead, you're close to the next bar! Enjoy!
Local August 9, 2017
Thank you! See you at the bar in the Dubliner on Monday At 1900h you can have free drinks all night and I will teach you some Liverpool songs!