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Lunch with locals

Hietalahti Market Hall

Why locals love it

Hietalahti Market Hall (in Finnish Hietalahden kauppahalli) used to be an antique hall but was returned back to a market hall in 2012 and locals welcomed it warmly when it opened. Outside the market hall there's a rather popular flea market daily in the summer time.



Why you should visit it

If you're interested in high quality food, this market hall is your place. In addition to ingredients, the market hall is also a perfect place for lunch. You can enjoy tasty soup in Soppakeittiö, fresh shrimps at Räken, perfect burgers ar Roslund and delicious fish dishes at Marja Nätti.

Hietalahti Market Hall
Lönnrotinkatu 34, 00180 Helsinki, Finland

Su: 10:00-16:00

Mon-Th: 08:00-18:00

Fr-Sa: 08:00-22:00

+358 9 31023580
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