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Park life


Why locals love it

One of Helsinki’s favourite green places, it’s a big, sprawling park with an observatory and great views over the harbour and out to sea. The benefit of Finland being so flat is that you only need to be a couple of score metres above sea level and you can just about see the whole country.



Why you should visit it

Take a pleasant stroll over and around its rolling green hills and enjoy a coffee or an icecream from one of the small kiosks you can find alongside the shore. You might even see some tallships sailing past as you walk along the seafront. Bring a picnic lunch and tramp uphill for some great 360 degree views of Helsinki.

Special tip

The place to be for the 1st of May Vappu celebrations, when every Finn is out in the park with champagne to celebrate the coming of Spring!

00140 Helsinki, Finland
+358 9 31039000
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