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Lasimaki or Turku?

By Traveller July 5, 2018

Lasimaki or Turku?

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By Atsuko Traveller July 5, 2018

I am planning to vist helsinki this summer. During the stay, I am thinking of visiting Lasimaki or Turku to find some nice Ittala products.Which will you recommend?
Or any other places you can recommend?

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Hi Atsuko! Nice to hear that you are coming to Helsinki this summer. You don't have to necessarily travel outside Helsinki to find nice Iittala products, you can basically find them in many places, e.g. the Stockmann department store or the several Iittala shops downtown (see e.g.: ) and in many shopping centres in the capital region (Itis, Sello in Espoo, Jumbo in Vantaa).

In August 2018, the new art museum Amos Rex will open nearby the Helsinki railway station. Next to the museum a new Iittala shop, Iittala Amos Rex, will open, too.

Turku is a nice summer city to visit for a day or two. Lasimäki is also located in such a place that you would need to spend one day to go there.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you habe any further questions.

Local July 6, 2018
Thank you so much for the info, Anna. It's really helpful.

I checked out about the new art museum you wrote about, it will open in late August. My stay in Helsinki will be August 14-17 so I will miss it.
And I just knew teamLab(Japanese digital art group) will present in its exhibition. I wish I could be there! But I will enjoy the city of Helsinki anyway:-) Kiitos!
There is also the Iittala Arabia outlet store in the old Arabia factory in Helsinki, along with some other interesting shops. Hämeentie 135. You can take tram 6T from the Helsinki City centre to reach it.
Local July 5, 2018
Thank you for your info. You are kind enough to show me the way to get there. Kiitos!
Helsinki Esplanadi is also a good Place for that:).
Local July 5, 2018
Thank you! It looks like there are various selection there....I will definitely stop by.
We have Iittalla stores in Helsinki as well and certaibly in Turku also. Lasimäki.. I have not heared of that. There is an Iittalla factory 80 miles from Helsinki alonh Highway nr 3, you probably mean that. I would recommend Turku or Helsinki!
Local July 5, 2018
Thank you for your info, Laila!