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Skiing on Christmas Eve?

By Traveller December 18, 2018

Skiing on Christmas Eve?

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By Julia Traveller December 18, 2018

I will have an 11 ½ hour layover in Helsinki on 24 December, arriving at 8:50am and departing at 20:20 (8:20pm). I was hoping to go for a bit of cross-country skiing, but I would need to rent equipment and wonder if anything will be open that day? Please advise! Or if you have another suggestion for a bit of time in Helsinki on Christmas Eve, I would love to hear that too! Thank you so much...

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All rental places are unfortunetly closed that day.
Take your own swimsuit and swim outside at Allas in the city center. also has a good sauna.

Or check with Google translate open places from
Local December 18, 2018
Dear Julia,
I'm afraid it's very difficult to find anything open on Xmas Eve in Helsinki. For us Finns, 24th Dec is already Xmas. I warmly recommend hiring a local guide to help you with your stop-over. Most of us are spending Xmas Eve with our families, but someone might be available, for a certain fee.
Happy Xmas!
Local December 18, 2018
You've picked a tough day!


24th is THE day for celebrating x-max in Finland. Some shops are open in the morning but then EVERYTHING closes.

I think the most popular place to do cross country skiing in Helsinki is Paloheinä but I just checked and they are closed 23. - 26. DEC.


Even if 24th was a normal day, there's really not that much snow! I think there's on few km's of skiable routes at the moment (well, if you just want to try it out that's probably plenty for you)


You borrow / rent skis from someone, you take a bus or taxi to Paloheinä and you ski a little (not sure if buses run all day)
Local December 18, 2018
Hmmm...that’s what I was afraid of. It seems like I will have to come back to ski another time.

Thanks so much for checking on the schedule at Paloheinä! I wasn’t able to find that info myself.

I guess I’ll spend the day at the airport, humming Christmas songs to myself *< :^•

I appreciate your quick and helpful reply Rami!
I think Rene's suggestion about Allas Sea Pool is a very good one. And the place is open until 8:00 pm.

Better than spending the whole day at the airport. :-)
Rami Local December 18, 2018