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About Seasonal job

By Traveller February 20, 2019

About Seasonal job

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By Arunprakash Traveller February 20, 2019

Hi everyone

This is Arun from India i got job offer from Finland as strawberry picker.Job starts on 1st of May and ends on 15th of November.I have few doubts about person who offered job offer for me.
Can you please help me and tell me about Seasonal job and can anyone please tell whether this is Legit or Scam

Here is his address
Geert Jokinen
Lisensoitu rekrytointikonsultti
Hiomotie 44,Helsinki, Uusimaa,FINLAND
L. No.: BI 6729-IRT

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6 answers

Fact number one: Strawberries are not ready first of may. If you get paid for preparing the bushes and cleaning the sites, you will need to negotiate the salary be fixed based on time, not weight of picked strawberries.
Fact number two: Accommodation needs to be decent and paid by the employer, otherwise you will be doomed to the same problems as Thailandic pickers: no money for return ticket back to India.
Fact number three: Strawberry season is short: last berries are picked within 1 month after start in midsummer end of June. What after that? Just rain and misery...
Local February 20, 2019
Yeah sir you are right
thanks for your reply
Hey Arun!

I googled and did some searches of him. Couldn't find this person on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.
If he is a licenced recruit consult, as it says "Lisensoitu rekrytointikonsultti" in Finnish, it's very odd that he is not in LinkedIn where most of these consults work. Jokinen is a very common last name in Finland (27 000 people with that name). Geert is a really rare name. There are only 61 men and women with that name in Finland. This info is from https://verkkopalvelu.vrk.fi/nimipalvelu/default.asp?L=3 I would be suspicious as there have been cases with some evidence of fraud. If the name is a made up name that is a clear signal. Pickers from Thailand have had some publicity in Finland. https://www.iltalehti.fi/kotimaa/a/201711232200553631
https://www.kaleva.fi/uutiset/kotimaa/marjanpoimijoiden-ansioiden-maksuun-on-tulossa-tiukennuksia/758499/ https://www.iltalehti.fi/tv-ja-leffat/a/201805282200974843
Traveller February 20, 2019
Strawberry picking is not a well paid job. If you are being promissed that you will be able to live comfortably in finland for theese wages i would regard it a lie. And if it would be a legit company with the possibility to pay a fair wage + accomodation + food there should be more information about it easyli available. So sorry to tell you this but im affraid you are right about it beeing a scam.
Local February 20, 2019
He mentioned 12.45euros/hour
and asked for documentation charges of 680euros
He gave this number but i am not able to call Tel :+ 358 9 2316 5404
these peoples are spoiling countries name.
gaminalbader@gmail.com and his website
Based on a quick research his offer seems suspicious. First of all, there is no strawberries in Finland after July/August. Secondly, if he really is a recruitment specialist/concultant I believe he would have some public contact information available on internet. How can he connect right people and jobs if he isn't discoverable, just wondering.... Is there a company name with a company ID number? In Finland, every company must be registered and you can search them by a name or ID number (Y-tunnus). www.suomenyritykset.eu

Otherwise, strawberry picking is common in Finland during the mid-summer and many people do it as a seasonal job. Just make sure they obey the rules and finnish law. In Finland, employees have many rights by the law.

Maybe you find some useful information here: https://www.tyosuojelu.fi/web/en/employment-relationship/collective-agreement/berry-picking
Local February 20, 2019
I'm so sorry I can help , or give any information because this name or family name doesn't exist in the renter's list mentioned in the building,
Local February 20, 2019
How to file complaint on this case to Finland police because i dont want anyone to loose money y trusting these scammers
Can someone help me?
Looks very much like a scam. Only one Google hit on that name, which doesn't look very genuine in the first place. Also, strawberry harvest season is about a month long.
Local February 20, 2019
Although, you can get multiple harvests a year in a greenhouse. But my opinion on the scam still applies.
Mikko Local February 20, 2019
Thanks for your reply
Is there any other options to find Genuine seasonal jobs in Finland