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Sami jewelry

By Traveller December 6, 2016

Sami jewelry

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By Ivana Traveller December 6, 2016

Hi, can someone give me the insight in shops which sell Sami jewelry and bags made of poro's bones, horns etc.? Thanks!

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It would be an easier task in Lapland, here I´m afraid you will mostly stumble into the classic touristic merchandising.
An alternative might be the Xmas market in Senatintori.
Local December 7, 2016
Hmm, sorry I'm not able to answer question. But if you are interested on Finnish jewelry and design in general, maybe you'd like to check this out: The shops listed in the retail-section might interesting for other reasons too.
Local Ambassador December 6, 2016
Thank you for your answer. Although this ain't what I am looking for, I love the general idea.
Ivana Traveller December 6, 2016