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Good symphony orchestra concerts?

By Traveller December 21, 2019

Good symphony orchestra concerts?

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By Laura Traveller December 21, 2019

Hi. Me and a friend of mine, who we both enjoy the music of symphony orchestras, want to come to Helsinki for a concert in spring-summer.

I am not sure I know to google all the right places.

Can anyone help me in finding the right sites where to look for good symphony orchestra concerts?

What is the venue called, where usually symphony orchestras perform in Helsinki?

Thank you :)

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Hi! Google Musiikkitalo concerts. There is also an English site.
Good luck!!
Local December 21, 2019
Hi! It is called Musiikkitalo (the Helsinki Music Hall) and the location is very central, next to the Oodi library and the Parlament House. The performing orchestras include Finnish radio’s symphony orchestra and The Helsinki City Orchestra as well as Sibelius Academy’s student orchestras.
Local December 26, 2019
Hi, Laura! :)
Check out:
“Music House” -
“Rock Church” -
and if you’re interested in jazz - (use a web translator, but schedule in some English)
Local December 21, 2019
Hi Laura,

I found this link in which there is listed orchestra performance inside Finland, in the search you may check the place, the time period as well the certain orchestra you are willing to listen to:

Hopefully this page is helpful. Enjoy your stay in Finland.

Best Regards
Traveller December 22, 2019