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Ferry to Tallinn

By Traveller January 6, 2017

Ferry to Tallinn

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By Sharifah Traveller January 6, 2017

Hi I'm staying in Helsinki at the end of January. I'd like to take a Ferry to Tallin. I'm staying right near the Viking Ferry line but that gives about 2.5 hours in Estonia. Do I really need more time than that to explore?

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Hi Sharifah! So nice that you are coming yo Helsinki and wanna visit our neighbour too. Two and a half hours sounds like very short trip if you really wanna see Tallinn (and not just go to buy cheaper liquer like Finnish people sometimes do). It's a beautiful place with rich culture, so I recommend to give it more hours if can. I personally prefer EckeröLine for a day trip to Tallinn because it gives you the longest time in to explore the town. The ferry departs from Länsisatama at 8.30 and arrives in Tallinn at 11.00. Return ferry departs at 18.45 from Tallinn and arrives in Helsinki at 21.15. So it gives you plenty of time too see the old town, city and eat peacefully. Then there's also Tallinksilja ferry which also operates from Länsisatama departing Helsinki 10.30 - arriving Tallinn 12.30 and return departs Tallinn 19.30 - arrives Helsinki 21.30.
Local January 7, 2017
Thank you so much Sanna! I think the Tallink silja works for me :)
Hi. 2.5 hours in Tallinn sounds a bit short if you ask me. Usually you have a bit more time than that. Compare with Tallink and Lindaline maybe?
Local January 7, 2017
Thank you Marc :)
Tallinn is a picturesque small city with a wonderful old town with cobbled streets to explore. If possible you should try to be there longer that 2.5 hours. It has great restaurants, a castle and good pubs selling local beer.
Local January 6, 2017
Thanks for the advice Matthew!