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helsinki day tickets

By Traveller May 23, 2017

helsinki day tickets

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By Lockhart Traveller May 23, 2017

Whether the day tickets are on daily or hourly basis, such as started a one day ticket at 13:00, would it expired at 13:00 of next day. Thanks for your attention

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Hi! The Helsinki day tickets are always valid for 24h. So if you take your first trip with the card on a monday at 13:00, it will expire on tuesday at 13:00.
Local May 23, 2017
Hi, if you mean the Helsinki Card, it is 24 hrs from activation, or 48 for 2 day and so on. More info in FAQ Same concept apolies for the HSL day tickets. One day card is usable for 24 hours from first use.
Local May 23, 2017
Thanks a lot
Yes exactly, day ticket is valid for 24 hours!
helpful, thanks