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Helsinki in December

By Traveller October 29, 2017

Helsinki in December

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By David Traveller October 29, 2017

I am planning to visit Helsinki from December 17th to 21st, but I don´t know if I can survive with a budget of $200 american dollars; and also what attractions should I visit during that part of the year.

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6 answers

Come to Qulma for a great lunch buffet. 10,50€. Hope to see you! Marc
Local October 31, 2017
Dear David,

Does the 200$ include your stay in hotel/hostel also? If so, then it is pretty tight. For main attractions check out They organize Free Walking Tour on 20th of December at 10 AM.

Local October 30, 2017
Hey! As someone mentioned, hope your budget does not include your hotel/hostel. Helsinki is a pricey city, but there’s loads of stuff to see even on a low budget. What do you usually wanna do? Here are some things I’d check out if I were you.

Teurastamo christmas market (ending on the 17th)
Lux helsinki - a light festival all over the city
Cafe regatta (local pastries and warm drinks at a seaside cottage) and the sibelius monument
Christmas tree forest by the national museum.
Yrjönkatu swim hall
New bamboo centre on Annankatu - very affordable, good chinese food
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Local December 15, 2017
Contrary to what others have said, there's no reason at all why you should struggle on that budget at all. You just have to lower your expectations from Hilton.... to Hostel!


Try a LUNCH BUFFET for around 10-12 euros per person... just look out for LOUNAS BUFFET signs. There's a particularly great one upstairs in Alexis 13 (its very central), and a few more around the Senate square. 12:00-15:00 generally, Mon-Fri. Fill yourself up for lunch with amazing Finnish food for 3 days, and you've only used around 20% of your budget.

Drinks: Any bar that looks busy.. just drink less if the budget is too high

Local Theatres: from 7eur (students)
Also Christmas market is here then.. lots of free music everywhere too.

There is LOTS of beautiful nature here too in Helsinki. If you buy a day pass for your transport, then a boat trip to Suomenlinna Island is INCLUDED with that. It has some great history, and a trip on a boat through Ice is an experience you will never forget. There are also endless parks you can walk around here for free!

You could also take a bus to Porvoo with Onnibus - you can get tickets for as little as 4 euros each way. A beautiful old town, well worth a day trip.

ALso, go visit a traditional Finnish sauna.. they start from as little as 8 euros... or take a swim in the sea to be a true Finn!

Have a great time here!

Northern Feel Tours.
Local October 30, 2017
Moi Anna. Käys ktsomassa mun sivusto Ehkä Northern Feel Tours olisi kiinnostunut tekemään jotain yhteisproggista? T Marc Aulén
Marc Local October 31, 2017
Hello David
Finland is an expensive country 200$ =170€ is enough for eating out in low budget restaurants for some extra but it can be stressful counting evry cent you spend so you should have some more surprises.
Local October 30, 2017