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By Traveller November 3, 2017


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By Sasha Traveller November 3, 2017

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Yeah as has been mentioned it should be easy to find decent coffee in the country of the highest coffee consumption in the world. That said, it should be remembered that most of the coffee is very lightly roasted so unless you like that style, you should ask how roasted it is just to find out.
Local November 4, 2017
Hi Sasha we can get coffee :)
Local November 3, 2017
I like the taste of Roberts or Wayne's.

It depends what are you looking, flavour or ambience?

There are also:

Charlotta Coffee (Runeberginkatu 5b)
Bom Temps Cafe (Mannerheimintie 132... but this one is far from downtown)
Johan & Nyström (Kanavaranta 7 C)
Good life coffee (Kolmas linja 17)

Or you just can walk, everywhere in Helsinki are nice coffee shops, finnish people love coffee.
Local November 3, 2017