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Cheap cafes in Helsinki☕️

By Local November 8, 2017

Cheap cafes in Helsinki☕️

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By Seina Local November 8, 2017

Can you tell me some inexpensive cafes in Helsinki which have for example, 3€ cakes or 2€ coffee/tea?:) It would be nice if they were near the centre. Kiitos!

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Cafe Regatta is an experience! It’s a small red cottage by the sea. They have some local pastries too. Not too far from the centre and you can check out the sibelius monument in the nearby park aswell!
Local December 14, 2017
Hi Seina!

Some great ideas have already been said. I particularly agree that cafe Regatta is a great place for coffee!

You can even get coffee for 50c in some supermarkets.

For a great all-round experience (and a little more money), why not check out some of the all you can eat buffet restaraunts in Helsinki (Lounas buffet). These are mostly available monday - friday, at lunch time.

There are many around the senate square/centre of Helsinki, and you can often get unlimited food, cakes, and tea and coffee.

Have a nice time in Helsinki!

Northern Feel Tours.
Local November 8, 2017
Cafe Regatta is great value, in Töölö. More central, the student restaurants are super cheap and give you an image of what uni life is like in Helsinki (
Local November 8, 2017
At the University of Helsinki (close to the Senate Square) there is a Cafe inside of the building called "Tiedekulma" (Science Corner). If I remember correctly the cafe costs 2,7€.

Also if you join Green Cap Tours' Helsinki All Star Walk you get a cup premium coffee for free:)
Local November 8, 2017