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Cheap food

By Traveller September 4, 2016

Cheap food

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By Anna-lena Traveller September 4, 2016

Where can I get good cheap traditional food?

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9 answers

Konstan Mölja. Cheap is relative though. Depends what you are used to.
Local October 26, 2018
Cheap, dunno, but traditional restaurants would be Kolme kruunua, Seahorse, Elite, Kosmos and Savoy, with the last (three) being more expensive.
Local December 11, 2017
Thats difficult but for the bakery stuff you can go to Lidl.
Local January 23, 2017
Ravintola Tori (ravintola=restaurant)
Address: Punavuorenkatu 2
Recommend meatballs in brandy sauce 14€ (or creamy salmon soup 13€). Not that cheap thou.. but affordable. Non-alcoholic restaurant because property is oened by methodist church.
Local September 8, 2016
many finnish traditional foods
AYCE 19 €
Tylle Traveller December 5, 2016
Basic healthy food at student restaurants.
Finnish students 2,6€ per meal.
Other people something between 5-10€.

All pizzas & kebabs for 5€ @ Yrjönkatu 29, 00100 Helsinki
Don't recognize the prices. They are all 5€.
Local September 6, 2016
Hi Anna-Lena. Happy to recommend you some places :-)

- Ravintola Tori (area of Punavuori), order the meatballs with mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam. Very traditional Finnish food, great taste and 14€. The whole place is amazing.

- Kauppatori (close to the ferries) is a market every day selling street food kind of. Salmon or Muikku (fish) is traditional and should be a good price

- Cafe Esplanad, amazing for traditional pastries/bakery products. Recommending the sweet blueberry -quarck bakery products, or a cinnamon bun

- There's also a bunch of lovely brunch places you can try like "Moko market" (area of punavuori), at Saturday mornings. You pay a fixed price and can eat all of the lovely food they serve. In a great design environment :-)

Enjoy Helsinki!!
Local September 5, 2016
You can find affordable traditional Finnish food at the Kauppatori. It's a market at the foot of the Esplanade Park and right by the main eastern harbor. You will find food vendors selling fresh fruits, vegetables, fish as well as jams, coffee and lunches. There are also stalls for Finnish souveniers.
Local September 5, 2016
google " makaroonilaattikko" and make it yourself :) or places like Factory and Weruska might have "home made" lunches in a Finnish style. We do have restaurants like Muru and Lappi ravintola but they are expensive !
Local September 5, 2016
Don't know about the traditional part but the cheapest place to eat is definitively a pizzeria called "day to day" on ateneminkuja. They have surprisingly decent falafels, pizzas and kebab for 5€ witch is surely the least one can spend to eat in Helsinki.
Local September 4, 2016