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cheap restaurant

By Traveller February 6, 2018

cheap restaurant

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By Mikaela Traveller February 6, 2018

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New Bamboo Center. Order the curry.
Local February 10, 2018
If you are looking for cheap restaurants I would recommend to generally avoid the central area. There are some budget restaurants around Kallio, which is known to be as a place for students and the northern bits of Töölö.

If you want to find extra affordable and cheap places I always recommend people to travel to the east of Helsinki, which has more people with an Arabic or Afrikan migration background.

There is for example Turkkilainen Ravintola, which I can highly recommend.
Local February 7, 2018
Realy depend on what you whant...
Nepalesian, indian, kinese usualy goes for 10-20€ for a main corse
restourant veeruska serves lunch at an afordable price and big "home style" dishes in the evenings
Restourant lappi is not realy cheap but the sautaid raindeere and the bigger salmon soup are big enough to share for two ppl if you whant traditional finnish food (northern finland)
Other than that Ikea :)
Local February 6, 2018