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Where to wait for a night bus in Kamppi center

By Traveller May 10, 2018

Where to wait for a night bus in Kamppi center

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By Leonardo Traveller May 10, 2018


I've never been to Helsinki before. Tomorrow I'm arriving by plane at 12:45. At 3:00 at night I'm waiting for a person arriving from St. Petersburg via bus. I have to pick her up at Kamppi Center narinkka 3. I wonder, what do I do? Where do I wait for her? Can I wait directly on the spot where the bus is going to arrive? I absolutely don't know where to go and what to do. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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Because you have plenty of time, I suggest you visit some pub for a cosier bench and see people. Kamppi bus station is in the heart of helsinki city centre so you have many choices. Just keep your eyes open near Kamppi and choose the best looking beer pub/coctail bar! "Food" you can find at narinkkatori, which is the square outside Kamppi. There is some food trucks the serve hamburgers, tortillas and so on. I think no restaurants or bars have kitchen open that time.
Local May 10, 2018
I seecan, thanks! However at night after dinner I prefer to stay in the station and wait right on the spot where the bus arrives. Is this possible?
Hi Leonardo,

There are benches in Kamppu mall at the bus terminal. If you dont want to pay for the hotel, then I suppose that it is best to sleep and wait there.
Regards, Laila
Local May 10, 2018
Hi, me and my gf are going to the hotel after I pick her up.can I see her arriving from the benches?
I dont know where the bus from st Petersburg arrives, you need to ask that in Kamppi info.
At which time closes kamppi info? Where is it located? Thanks a lot!