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Electronic music smaller bars

By Local September 25, 2016

Electronic music smaller bars

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By Joaquín Local September 25, 2016

hello! Im looking for a place where to play my electronic music; and often the bars that you would find in google are for "big names" only. I'm looking for a nice bar where I could find a gig.

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2 answers

Try Siltanen or Putte's pizzeria, they might be up for it. Usually you have to book your gigs through an agency though. :(
Traveller September 25, 2016
thank you!
what are some examples of agencies, though?
Joaquín Local September 26, 2016
Hi Joaquin,

Have a walk (and a couple of beers) in and around Kallio.
You could try Siltanen on Hämeentie and Exodus on Kaarlenkatu. Even if you can't play there somebody will be able to suggest some other suitable places.

Good luck!
Local September 25, 2016
sounds nice; thanks!
Joaquín Local September 25, 2016