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By Traveller July 16, 2016


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By Denis Traveller July 16, 2016

what do you suggest for nightlife in Helsinki?

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Looks like people already told about Kallio - the neighborhood of Helsinki with cheap alcohol and bohemian feeling.
At the western side of central Helsinki I could suggest for example following:

Night club "Tiger" at the top floor of Kamppi shopping centre. Including balcony with good views over Helsinki.

Rooftop party (between buildings, not above) available in "Le Bonk" (behind shopping centre "Forum"). Some times comedian shows also.

Restaurant Torni ("tower") (next to LeBonk) where you can enjoy drinks with very good views above the city.

Shaker cocktail bar in Kamppi’s Tennis Palace offers every cocktail for 8€ (if I remember right).
Local July 16, 2016
Couldn't get better answer... Thank you :)
My suggestions are the bohemian Kallio district (my hoods) or the slighty upscale (read: hipster) Punavuori. Good and lively bars, laidback people and - especially in Kallio - sometimes a true chance to experience a tickling sense of danger. Some of the habitants are not to be messed about with.
Local July 16, 2016
Thank you so much... The thing is that i don't like to be treated like a tourist. I am also very easy going person and love to lay back and enjoy it. So your answer is perfect...
Hi Denis! I agree with all suggestions from Vesa! Punavuori & Kallio should be great areas for you to have a great night out in Helsinki. Also bar Los Cojones is one of my favourites :-) Enjoy Helsinki!!