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Home of Speedos


Why locals love it

Stadikka, Finland's home of Speedos. This Olympic length swimming pool is a mecca on hot days in the school holidays. It opens when the warmer summer months (theoretically) approach.



Why you should visit it

Come here to get your fitness fix on a nice overcast day when the lanes aren't too crowded. You can lie on the grass and soak up the rays - if there are any - or take a position on the grandstand and watch the mums and grannies aqua-running back and forth. Decent saunas too.

Special tip

It gets super busy before and after working hours so the best time to hit the pool is early afternoon.

Hammarskjöldintie 5, 00250 Helsinki, Finland

Su: 09:00-20:00

Mon-Sa: 06:30-20:00

+358 9 31087854
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