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Which is the cleanest MTR station in HK?

Carla August 18, 2017 answer

What's a nice breakfast place in Hong Kong? Nice ambience and good food. or nice cafes?

Carla August 3, 2017 answer

Particularly which road as well that's nice to walk around?

Carla July 30, 2017 answer

Is UBER very much active in Hong Kong? Also, can i use a cab from mongkok to causewaybay? (looking at the map, just w... Read more

Carla July 30, 2017 answer

I'm looking for cool washi tapes, papers, pens and other stationery. Preferably not very expensive.

Shikha July 6, 2017 answer

Hi! Just wondering where do local like to hang out other than the tourist attractions. The local vibes

Nuratikah March 15, 2017 answer

From mid-November to mid-December we (together with my partner) have chosen Hong Kong as a base to travel to neighbor... Read more

Martien August 26, 2016 answer