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Internet fee overdue

By Traveller November 10, 2020
Hong Kong

Internet fee overdue

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By Lian Traveller November 10, 2020

Hi all,
Few months ago, I've lost my job in hk.
So I came back to my country.
But I just totally forgot to pay the internet fee and return the router.
The Internet company commissioned a bill reminder company and this bill reminder company sent me an email.
So I finally talked to the internet company customer center.
They said I can pay it when I come back to HK and just ignore the email from the bill reminder company.
But the bill reminder company said I need to pay it immediately.
I’m a bit confused.
If I can, I want to pay it after go back to HK because I need to give the internet router back to the internet company.
So now, I want to know if I don’t pay the bill for a while until I go back to HK, what will be happened by the bill reminder company.
Could the company track or suspend my account or something like that happen?

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Hi Lian,

1. Do you still remember the broadband provider company name?
2. What is you payment method on before?
3. Are you is HK resident? And you future will come back to HK for work or long term stay or not?
4. The Router on your side or lost?
Local November 10, 2020
1. Yes I do, I already talked to the customer center.
2. it was credit card(suspended now)
3. I was a resident few months ago. But as I said I’ve lost my job. I’m just trying to find a job.
4. I lost it. I will buy it myself because that’s cheaper.
Lian Traveller November 10, 2020
Already suspend the credit card they also cannot charge. So you can ignore the email.

But if when come back to HK and apply same ISP provider, they will be you record to charge you again.
Anthony Local November 10, 2020
Thanks Anthony.
I just worried about that I've got emails from a bill reminder company, not the internet company. I thought the bill reminder company could track or suspend my account.
Thanks for helping me!
Lian Traveller November 10, 2020