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Fantastic tour!
I would highly recommend this tour. The instructors were very enthusiastic, friendly and patient. Even I work in Central, I didn't notice the beauty of HK until I captured it with the polaroid. Definitely a well-spent afternoon with my boyfriend!

It should be great for tourists too. You will see many HK specials in this tour, including ferries, trams, wet market, etc. And most importantly, you can capture all these with the polaroid provided by the tour.

P.S better not wear in white or light colour if you wanna take polaroid of yourself
Polaroid Photo Tour Hong Kong
So much fun!
A really well spent afternoon with my friends! Taking polaroid pictures while walking around Central and Sheungwan district in Hong Kong has been a fun and memorable experience. Two pretty ladies who have guided us through the tour are patient and they provide professional skills on how to take better polaroid pictures. It takes some trial and error for the first few times, but you can eventually get a hold of it. Highly recommended to try it! You can bring home the polaroids you took and they will sure be your precious memory~
Polaroid Photo Tour Hong Kong
Fun! Relaxing! Great Experience of first time taking photo with Polaroid!
Had a great time and took good Polaroid photos!
Instructor is very friendly and patient at teaching us how to use the Polaroid camera to take good photos. Easy to learn but need some trials to take great ones.
The route is well designed which includes different kinds of elements such as modern and old buildings, trams, ferry which are all worth to take photos of.
It was an excellent experience to me and strongly recommend to everyone no matter you are tourist or Hongkonger. You wont regret taking your first polaroid photo with it!
Polaroid Photo Tour Hong Kong

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