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Neljän Tuulen Tupa

Neljän Tuulen Tupa

Why locals love it

Neljän Tuulen Tupa offers versatile and affordable accommodation. We have many opportunities for spending our free time in the enchanting nature of Lapland. On request we heat a traditional smoke sauna. In addition to good service, you get a creative setting for your enjoyment. Neljän Tuulen Tupa is located along the road E4, in Kaamanen.



Why you should visit it

The doors of the inn are open all year round. At night, passers-by can be accommodated by calling the service number. In Lapland, people are not left on the road and space is arranged as needed. Warm welcome! Hunting dogs are also welcome.

Neljän Tuulen Tupa
Kaamasentie 3831, 99910 Kaamanen, Suomi

Mon-Th: 10:00-19:00

Fr-Sa: 10:00-22:00

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