Hiking in the first weekend of November?

By Traveller September 26, 2018

Hiking in the first weekend of November?

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By Darynne Traveller September 26, 2018

Hello! My friends and I live in Germany and have a long weekend from November 1-4 and we would love to come to Innsbruck for some hiking and general sight-seeing - is November 1st too late to some alpine hiking?

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Hello Darynne,

no, this is not too late for hiking but it will be cold if it is cloudy so take a warm jacket with you. Most of the huts on the mountains are still open around Innsbruck:
- Arzler Alm (1067m) > opened until end of November
- Umbrüggler Alm (1123m) > in some cases even opened in December and January
- Höttinger Alm (1487m) > opened until 18th of November

If there is heavy snowfall the huts might close due to security reasons which is announced on their websites or facebook pages ;)
Local September 26, 2018