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What are your top 3 local thing to do?

By Traveller May 23, 2018

What are your top 3 local thing to do?

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By Maria Traveller May 23, 2018

I’ll be travelling to Ioannina soon, and I really want to dig into the local culture. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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Hi there Maria!!!
well, there are actually lots of things to do for such a small town!first of all if you are going to be staying in the center you should definitely do things on foot. Ioannina is a beautiful city to walk around, it is totally safe any hour of day, and that would be the best thing for you to discover all kinds of hidden gems.
What you should definitely see is the island of ioannina located in ioannina lake. you can go there by boat meet local people and eat frog legs, which is there delicatessen and tastes kinda like chicken!
secondly, you should walk in the castle check out the architecture, and end up at "its kale" for tsipouro and meze. There, you will also find the silversmithing museum one of the best, if not the best museum you can visit. You should also walk around the city center, where you can find contemporary shops, but also very old ones (especially on your way from there to the lake) with local people selling all kinds of local products.
Dont miss going out in the nighttime. People here have a whole different way of having fun that the rest europeans. There are all kind of hotspots, like skala, kallari and stoa and depending on the kind of music you hear you'll find a place to fit it. Its worth mentioning that if you do want to go on a night out you people do that here around 10 pm.
If you have a car, you should definitely go to zagorochoria and if you are into sports do rafting.
I hope i was helpful
Enjoy your time in Ioannina
Local May 23, 2018
Enjoy the nightlife and visit some of the Zagori villages (Monodendri, Vitsa, Papingo etc.). There are plenty of mountain and river activities if you like sports...
You can water-skiing by the lake near Perama @ the water-ski canal...
Local May 23, 2018
You should visit the castle of Ioannina, take a walk around the lake and then take a boat to the island there. Last but not least there is a wax museum some kilometers outside the city called "Pavlos Vrellis Museum". You will find plenty things to do and see if you just walk around the city. Have a nice trip!
Local May 23, 2018