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I like keto diet and I already started. So please guide me to some restaurant or places which i can find foods regardi… Read more

Habeeb July 31, 2022 answer

hi to all. we are open minded couple are going to visit istanbul by august and i want to include beachs in our trip. w… Read more

Red April 15, 2022 answer

Can anyone suggest me a way to enjoy a bosphorus sightseeing trip with ferry boats? Can you suggest me the line I have … Read more

Juri April 13, 2022 answer

I want to buy some fresh shrimp but don't know from where, is there an app or platform for me to hire someone to do the… Read more

Ailee April 5, 2022 answer

I know it’s a controversial question, so if you don’t feel comfortable answering, completely understandable :) I’ve bee… Read more

Maya January 16, 2022 answer

Hi everyone! I plan to visit Istanbul (Kadikey district) in November. Could you please share good or special place to e… Read more

Vladislav October 18, 2021 answer

What is a nice and interesting residential area in Istanbul.

May September 21, 2021 answer

Hi I am looking for a horseback riding lessons and courses here in istanbul European side. Can someone suggest me a g… Read more

Osama August 29, 2021 answer

Merhabalar, Looking for the best beach to go to near Istanbul, Thank you

Rasha August 12, 2021 answer

Hi everyone, Im coming next Sep and was wondering if I can find a Clean Public Beach in Istanbul that has some clear w… Read more

Rasha July 9, 2021 answer

I plan to do a 1-week bicycle tour in Anatolia in late April. Do you know someone who can share advice on possible rou… Read more

Stefan March 19, 2021 answer

Hello, do u know any company that I could rent a car from if I have my driving licence only since November 2020?

Ola February 12, 2021 answer

I want to propose my girlfriend. What's the best possible option in terms of restaurant. I want her experience to be … Read more

Gabriel February 4, 2021 answer

I have an ordinary Istanbulkart but it is too much expensive and as i am a citizen I thought there will be some discoun… Read more

Ramin September 10, 2020 answer

hi. i am arriving in Istanbul at 25th of september at 23-o'clock, i have a 8 hours layover , so i booked a… Read more

Iljas September 8, 2020 answer

Hello Istanbulian Is there an umbrella street in Kadikoy Area? Thank you,

Rasha May 27, 2020 answer

I’m 20 years old and I’m a tourist who got stuck in Istanbul during quarantine, I’m staying alone, I need to go out but… Read more

Mahmoud May 5, 2020 answer

I want to find a place in istanbul and i only have a screenshot of it. Can anyone help??

Mishi April 16, 2020 answer

We are flying home from thailand to istanbul next week, we cannot fly from Istanbul on the same day, can we stay in a h… Read more

Jayne March 23, 2020 answer

So I'll be visiting istanbul soon in sha Allah, does anyone of you know where I can find a store that sells original dr… Read more

Rasha February 24, 2020 answer

hi it might not be here to ask this, but I wanted your help if you know any. I'm going to cappadocia from pamukkale … Read more

iori February 24, 2020 answer

Hi i'm visiting Istanbul in a few days. since its my first visit to middle east area, I want experience the real taste.… Read more

iori February 24, 2020 answer

I' ll have 5 hours layover in Istanbul, Sabiha Gocken airport. Is there any nearby neighbourhood I could visit, even… Read more

Ivana February 8, 2020 answer

Hi Everyone, Would you please help me, i need to find these scarfs or shawls in Istanbul and I dont know where are they… Read more

Rasha January 26, 2020 answer

Hello everybody, i got my own company in Amsterdam. And i want to know everything about real authentic Turkish food. I … Read more

Selma January 21, 2020 answer

Hi everyone, Where I can find the Best Thermals for this Very Cold Weather and How Much are they? Thank You

Rasha January 2, 2020 answer

We, Two couples will be in Istanbul for the first time in New Year's Eve and looking for the best place. Please advise

Omid December 29, 2019 answer

Hi , we are a family of 4 adults coming from Dubai to Turkey in Feb-2020, looking for one taxi for 8 days to visit Ista… Read more

Purushotam December 28, 2019 answer

Hey all, I read few months ago that in Istanbul there are a street or two full of book stores that sells books of fashi… Read more

Rasha December 27, 2019 answer

No clear data available on line so I guess you are the best to refer to. When is the Winter Sale in Istanbul? Jan, Feb … Read more

Rasha December 26, 2019 answer

Hello! Im a sephardic culture lover, coming from Spain. I will go to Istanbul in March and would love to attend a sepha… Read more

María December 13, 2019 answer

Great Day Beautiful Istanbul people In addition to Kiz Kulesi, what are the spots we should not miss? These spots can b… Read more

Rasha December 7, 2019 answer

Hello Istanbulian; Any major events happening in Istanbul that you recommend for me espacially last 10 days of Novemebr… Read more

Rasha November 2, 2019 answer

Hi, im an 21 year old guy from germany, who's dating a 17 year old turkish girl from istanbul. Could i get into trouble… Read more

Hey guys Hope all is great at your side How cold is Istanbul in last week of November? I mean will I be able to enjoy … Read more

Rasha October 18, 2019 answer

We are planning to stay in Istanbul for 4 days. Should we visit Istanbul at this time in view of Turkish attack on Syr… Read more

Ambika October 9, 2019 answer

What is the name of the main boat trip company sailling from Eminonu for 2 hour -long excursion and back. Not th… Read more

Alexandra October 9, 2019 answer

Hi there , how much is the taxi from Sabiha airport to Sultantahmet and from Sultanahmet to Sabiha Airport at 5 am ?

Alexandra October 8, 2019 answer

Hello Istanbulians :), was wondering where I can find a decent Tatto Shop for some reasonable price. My sis had her ear… Read more

Rasha October 5, 2019 answer

Hello Im A Huge fan of Istanbul, I think its my 2nd home honestly Is is true that the Best Baklava in Istanbul is in. … Read more

Rasha October 1, 2019 answer

Hello- I will be visiting Istanbul from Novembef 16 until the 29th. I am interested in taking some cooking lesons and … Read more

Gail September 30, 2019 answer

Hello Like a Local Family Would you please help me and recommend to me the Local Areas where I can find alot of Fabric… Read more

Rasha September 28, 2019 answer

Any male or female

Sardar September 26, 2019 answer

Hello: Who knows Turkish Brand Flormar wholesaler? Please let me know. Best regards Laura

Laura September 24, 2019 answer

I don't know if I can ask this here, but in May I went to a resort in Turkey. They served these sweet kind of rocky mou… Read more

Lin September 23, 2019 answer

Hello! I’ll be in Istanbul from Sept 27 to Sept 30. I’ve been before and I have visited the basic tourist attraction .… Read more

An Inactive User September 15, 2019 answer

Since you would know better than anyone; who is the best Nerves, Brain Doctor and Physiotherapy Doctor in Istanbul “nam… Read more

Rasha September 10, 2019 answer

Where is a rooftop location I can have nice views of the city & relax on pillows? I do not want to go to a restaurant o… Read more

Kieu August 19, 2019 answer

we have just 3/4 of a day in Istanbul and I am looking for a private tour the morning of September 16th. I saw the Tur… Read more

Clint August 11, 2019 answer

Hi everyone... In which restaurants in Istanbul can I eat halal meat? ** Halal meat is the Halal animal meat that… Read more

Iman August 10, 2019 answer

Hello, We are travelling with 7 girls to Istanbul for a friends’ bachelorette party. As a right of passage we want t… Read more

Xenia July 20, 2019 answer

Hello How are you locals Please I would like to ask you there is swimming pool private only for ladies in Istanbul? T… Read more

Habeeb July 12, 2019 answer

I am coming to Istanbul next month for 3 weeks. I will be attending classes at Taksim. I have been to Istanbul on 4 pre… Read more

John June 22, 2019 answer

We’re visitng from london and my girlfriend would like to play a few songs? Have anyone recommend.

Johnny June 16, 2019 answer

I am going istanbul in january so a long time away yet. But as a liverpool fan i would like to go to the ataturk sta… Read more

Shane June 13, 2019 answer

hi everyone we were in a pub near istiklal with live music where the band sing the songs on demand , do we have to pay … Read more

Sissi June 12, 2019 answer

I am going istanbul for a few days in january so would love to meet locals tk hang out and experence turkish celt

Shane June 12, 2019 answer

Can you drink beer on the streets in istanbul? or it is against the law? what about smoking? and also wearing shorts .… Read more

Hesam June 12, 2019 answer

Hi, I want go to Istanbul next month and buy a boat, then go to Fethie bay and use that boat in shallows. I want "C… Read more

Ahmad June 1, 2019 answer

Hey Guys, I'm just wondering if Tuesday Bazar Market In Kadikoy is the same Of historic Town Square ? One more thing… Read more

Nakhle May 31, 2019 answer

Hi Everyone. Does anybody knows how much time credits lasts in Istanbul cart ? Last year i recharged it with more tha… Read more

Nakhle May 30, 2019 answer

We're planning for a visit in Istanbul From 2 June Till 7 June 2019 . They're saying that Eid Al fitr is 3 days from j… Read more

Nakhle May 28, 2019 answer

Hi, where are the best bars to go to in Beyoglu? We’re looking for a cool, relaxed vibe with good music maybe. Thanks!

Sally May 25, 2019 answer

I’m coming to Istanbul with 6 friends. Can you recommend a restaurant for 7 on a Friday night near Beyoglu, or do you h… Read more

Sally May 19, 2019 answer

Hello dears, I need a beauty salon in Istanbul that do a hair removal with sugar paste! I can’t find any on the inter… Read more

Nikola May 14, 2019 answer

Unfortunately Reina is closed after what happened. It was one of the best places I ever seen in my life. The athmospeea… Read more

Vincenzo May 10, 2019 answer

Last time I was in Istanbul I was taken for lunch to a very nice restaurant with local food, where you could sit on the… Read more

Vincenzo May 10, 2019 answer

Im a student here and i dont know any locals any suggesstions of things to do alone? Or where to meet friendly people?

Leilaa May 6, 2019 answer

Hello. We are coming with my bf for a week in Istanbul from May 7th. I love food and local experience. I would like to … Read more

Nadia April 28, 2019 answer

I am looking for natural olive oil soap Looking for a high quality and guaranteed company While searching in the Inte… Read more

Habeeb April 16, 2019 answer

Hi dear friends! I need good advise) Good fish restorants in Besiktas - not expensive, just for locals! I need to eat g… Read more

Vladislav April 6, 2019 answer

Hey guys, Im looking for the best perfume shops i can find in istanbul. I already know aboud Bargello and D&P but im lo… Read more

Mohamed March 28, 2019 answer

Iyi gunler my friends! I have next question for you - could you please give me advise for laundry services in Istanbul… Read more

Vladislav March 26, 2019 answer

Merhaba! Lütfen Ataturk hava limanindan Lady diana hotele nasil gitmem gerektigini yazarmisiniz? Havabusler sadece Taks… Read more

Gulnar March 18, 2019 answer

Dear Friends! First of all - thank you to everyone who helped me in my last trip to Istanbul! Now I stay at Esenyurt… Read more

Vladislav March 16, 2019 answer

Dear friend! Who can help my with this question - which brand is better for butter, cheese and sujuk in markets like Mi… Read more

Vladislav March 7, 2019 answer

Dear friends! I have one more question about Halkalı/Küçükçekmece! Could you please help me with any shopping center lo… Read more

Vladislav March 3, 2019 answer

Dear friends! I will stay in Istanbul in Elite World Europe Hotel, located in Halkalı Merkez Mahallesi, (Halkalı/Küçükç… Read more

Vladislav March 1, 2019 answer

Is there anything happening for International women's day in Istanbul on 8th of march ?

Eva February 24, 2019 answer

What kind of activities are there in istanbul for someone that wants to move their body without going to the gym?

Zainab February 22, 2019 answer

My husband and I are for a few days in Istanbul. We had all the touristy places and we would like to have a local exper… Read more

Hey friends! I’ve checked the weather & it will be rainy with temp 5-1 next week Feb 25- Mar 4. I was thinking should … Read more

Hisham February 19, 2019 answer

Welcome every one ✋🏼😃 Who is best SnapChat account making good advertising about restaurants and cafes in Istanbul

Habeeb February 10, 2019 answer

Dear You We want to play rock from your stage from 18 till 21 February. But we hope to have a place to repetition wit… Read more

Alina February 2, 2019 answer

I would like to buy some salep flour as a souvenir. Real flour not an artifical mix((

Vladislav February 2, 2019 answer

👋 hi We are Australian and planning a small wedding in Istanbul for about 30 people. We are looking for small r… Read more

Nadia January 17, 2019 answer

Hello. I'm going to Turkey in April for 2 weeks. How much exactly is the price for Turkey sim card at the airport? Whic… Read more

Nur January 12, 2019 answer

i am istanbul near taksim street looking for a friend

pee January 7, 2019 answer

I will be visiting Istanbul for a day on 1st June 2019 with my wife. Its a layover flight on my way from India to Russi… Read more

vinit January 5, 2019 answer

It's supposed to be a haunted place. The adress would be appreciated. I'm geting bored of this city so if anyone has an… Read more

Umut January 5, 2019 answer

Merhaba! Ben Mart ayinda Istanbula gelmeyi dushunuyorum. Annemle birlikte. 3-4 gun kalacagiz, amma 1 gunumuzu profesyon… Read more

Gulnar January 4, 2019 answer

What can I do in Sapanca and what places do you reccommend I visit?

Dana January 2, 2019 answer

Hi its my first new year in istanbul and i wanna know where the best and affordable venues for great parties in istanbu… Read more

K December 31, 2018 answer

Hi, I know it's a little bit last minute, but can you give me ideas of how to spend new year's eve in Istanbul? Not too… Read more

Khat December 31, 2018 answer

Where can I experience a Sufi music concert ?

Dana December 27, 2018 answer

What are the best local bazzars? I know that the grand bazzar is wonderful, but lots of tourits visit and so it is over… Read more

Dana December 27, 2018 answer

Hi, me & my friend will be arrive at Istanbul apprx 1.00pm. What do you suggest we can do to enjoy half day in Istanbul… Read more

Sophia December 21, 2018 answer

Hello! Is there anywhere to dance bachata in istanbul between December 29 and January 2, 2018?

Hannah December 18, 2018 answer

Hello all, please i want to know good turkish brands to buy from turkey, whether clothes, home supplies, textiles, … Read more

Heba December 16, 2018 answer

Hu all! I am here for weekend with friends. And want to celebrate my friend's birthday here. Please, advise us a cool d… Read more

Vika December 15, 2018 answer

Any local licenced guides here for a private tour for a day in June 2019? I have a long layover and will be there wi… Read more

V December 11, 2018 answer

Where to hire in Istanbul person like sales agent who knows where to find man clothing supplier/ whosaler or manafactur… Read more

Adnan December 10, 2018 answer

What are some activties that can be done and places that can be visited during January in Istanbul ?

Dana December 4, 2018 answer

hi all , we are 4 female friends who will be in istanbul ( Sishane area) in beginning january , we would like your s… Read more

Sissi November 26, 2018 answer

Hey guys, I am visiting Istanbul in about a week for the first time and am very excited. I was wondering if you could r… Read more

Viviana November 16, 2018 answer

In Istanbul for a night. Any recommendations on food etc. for a rainy evening?

An Inactive User November 15, 2018 answer

I am intrested in the Turkish culture, language and food. I would love to get a unique and authentic experience of a Tu… Read more

Dana November 11, 2018 answer

I would like to meet up with creatives in Istanbul and collaborate on various projects; photography, graphic design, mu… Read more

Apollo November 11, 2018 answer

I am looking for a tour that is away from the touristy crowds. I would love for the tour guide to share their favorite … Read more

Dana November 11, 2018 answer

Where can I find good markets with coats, leather and other goods for a reasonable price. Something local made but Eur… Read more

Polina November 7, 2018 answer

Hey, we visiting Istanbul this Thursday. Where do you suggest we must stay ( area) and relish on good vegan food? Also … Read more

Tanushree November 5, 2018 answer

recently i just moved on to Istanbul and i want to install wifi in my house, so which company that has the best interne… Read more

Nabeel October 29, 2018 answer

Im visiting Istanbul im 2 weeks and last I came 2 years ago I went to a shisha bar called cafe de amos or something lik… Read more

R October 19, 2018 answer

I’m staying in Istanbul till 21.october, would love to meet some local people, drink some coffee or beer, and take a wa… Read more

Armands October 19, 2018 answer

Hello, i would like to know where in istanbul i can make suits for male and female for a good price. I will need 10 to … Read more

Sha October 18, 2018 answer

Hello Dears Locals :) We are a family and we have two children in the eleventh and ninth year We have a tourist tri… Read more

Habeeb October 16, 2018 answer

Where is a place to watch Euroleague games in Istanbul? Our hotel is in Sultanahmet.

Vilma October 5, 2018 answer

Do u need a visa for Turkey if so how much.

Andie October 3, 2018 answer

Hey i just wanted to know where can i find nice normal bars not like the ones in taksim ...i heard lots of conning goes… Read more

Alaa October 1, 2018 answer

hi im searching for some local mall, not grand bazar or big mall with big shop like hm, zara, koton, i mean some shopp… Read more

Roberto September 27, 2018 answer

hi is there some woman who would make some shooting in the istanbul street? i will stay till 12 october if intresting l… Read more

Roberto September 27, 2018 answer

Can anyone recommend good shopping for Turkish brand and turkish made clolthes for men and women. My fiance is Istanbu… Read more

Reezwan September 22, 2018 answer

does someone know hot to get in this abandoned place? can u give the map position? regards

Roberto September 20, 2018 answer

hi, does someone advise me about some free roof or terrance, some abandoned building or nice view places?

Roberto September 19, 2018 answer

Can you advise with a nice (tried) cruise for dinner with show

Karim September 16, 2018 answer

I'm looking for a nice place for dinner with music or show. But not a boat.

Karim September 15, 2018 answer

How much is the cost of the cart tour around Buyukada Island?

Karim September 13, 2018 answer

Hi, I am looking for someone experienced in applying mink lashes. I have the mink lashes and have been to two different… Read more

Zoe September 12, 2018 answer

hi a friend of mine ask me to buy some bag "real" replica where i can meet it? i think at bazar is not so good

Roberto September 10, 2018 answer

Hey there people, i have 2 questions for my research. Are there walkable ports near Instanbul and even in Turkey? The s… Read more

Marius August 29, 2018 answer

Hi I will be in istanbul in december I am looking for an alcohol free restuarant to celebrate my husbands birthday, so… Read more

tasneem August 26, 2018 answer

As close to Taksim as possible..

Hamad August 20, 2018 answer

Hi, looking for "hidden" local restaurant with execellent food. Doesn´t need be fine dining...but remarkable food /Patr… Read more

Patrik August 19, 2018 answer

I am looking for a place to see the skyline of the city with minimum amount of money to spend.

Talal August 16, 2018 answer

what is the best steakhouse restaurants in Istanbul that services ribs other than the most famous ones which requires p… Read more

Ibrahem August 12, 2018 answer

I'll stay at hotel in Kadikoy, How to visit Princess island? and is it Buyukada or Heybeliada? is there any advice abou… Read more

Karim August 8, 2018 answer

I know Istanbul a lot luckily. But I never joined any ship tour yet. May I ask you to help me in this? I'll visit… Read more

Barbara August 6, 2018 answer

Hi, Is there a weekly market in Istanbul on Sunday or Monday with clothes, except the Bomonti Market. Something simi… Read more

Shaps August 4, 2018 answer

What is the nearest metro station to Bomonti Flea Market? At what time does it start on Sundays?

Shaps August 3, 2018 answer

Hello :-) Which are the best markets to visit in Istanbul (not for food) for random stuff. We are there from Frida… Read more

Shaps August 1, 2018 answer

Would you possibly also know where I can find a handmade Uzbeki hat in Istanbul. Thank you :-)

Shaps August 1, 2018 answer

Hi All :-) We will be in Istanbul from Friday until Tuesday. We have done all the typical sightseeing tours before. … Read more

Shaps July 31, 2018 answer

Hi All, * What is the best way from Ataturk airport to Laleli at night, using a public transport? It seems like the … Read more

Shaps July 31, 2018 answer

Suggestions for a nice Turkish night with my wife, doesn't matter the distance as I have a car, my hotel at Kadikoy

Karim July 29, 2018 answer

Advises for driving and parking in Istanbul. I have a parking in the hotel but asking about parking in the city is it a… Read more

Karim July 29, 2018 answer

Advices for the best Turkish Hamami, not the touristic one. for ladies only?

Karim July 29, 2018 answer

Is it easy & safe to go from Istanbul to Pamukkale pools & find a clean hotel to spend 2 nights?

Mousha July 28, 2018 answer

i was wondering what books they use to teach English or help with TOFEL and IELTS and such

kia July 21, 2018 answer

It would be a great help to give me the names of saloons and say if they speak enough english thanks

Sonya July 15, 2018 answer

I'm coming to visit Istanbul next Sep., renting a car and think in 5* hotel in Asian side. what about toll fees for the… Read more

Karim July 9, 2018 answer

Hi, where can i buy affordable souvenirs, dried fruit with quality that are not too expensive. As well as a good restau… Read more

Salam June 30, 2018 answer

What’s the best place for fine dinibg with live music

Yasmine June 29, 2018 answer

Where are the best breakfasts around Bagdad street?

Svetlana June 23, 2018 answer

Hi everyone. It's my 4th time in Istanbul and I've seen many things (from Saryer to buyukada), but i was wondering is t… Read more

Esma June 21, 2018 answer

Hello! :) is there any place in Istanbul where you can watch a mehter marsi performance? If so, where and when? :) … Read more

Ilayda June 20, 2018 answer

Anyone knows any reliable real estate to buy properties in Isranbul? Phone,... What are some best resodental areas in … Read more

Mojdeh June 14, 2018 answer

I anlooking to talk to someobe who can customize my experience in Istanbul this weekend. Can someone help?

Aleksey May 22, 2018 answer

I love to visit some local from Istanbul, Also make friends, especially woman, is my first time visit the city and I tr… Read more

Liandy May 10, 2018 answer

Hello Everyone, What are the good outlets and malls for having a nice cheap shopping?

Hello Everyone! It’s Ibrahim from Cairo Egypt! It’s my first time in Istanbul and I’d love to meet it’s people an… Read more

Ibrahim April 30, 2018 answer

Hello everyone, Is there any place where i can find in Istanbul for swimming workouts? Having a pool that can be rented… Read more

Ibrahim April 30, 2018 answer

Dears im now in istanbul .. I want to go to sapanca and masukiye. How to go there by my own ? By public transpor… Read more

sam April 25, 2018 answer

I am arranging this trip as surprise to my husband on his 50 birthday.... we both like to enjoy life ... we love good f… Read more

Mai April 24, 2018 answer

Hi , am visiting istanbul with my girlfriend this weekend , her birthday will be on friday , is there any suggestion fo… Read more

Momin April 23, 2018 answer

dears is there any tour or a place a person can rent a quad bike in istanbul or a place near of it ( not hard to re… Read more

sam April 22, 2018 answer

Hi , I’m visiting Istanbul for 4 days next weekend, and I am looking for a hotel ,5 stars to relax and enjoy the beach … Read more

Momin April 21, 2018 answer

im planing to visit istanbul next week for 8 days i want to buy a sim card with internet ( turkcell\turk telekom ... … Read more

sam April 21, 2018 answer

Merhaba, everyone! I am planing to be in Istanbul on second week of May. Please suggest any places that have latino dan… Read more

Aijan April 20, 2018 answer

They seem to be sold everywhere... But where is the quintessential place to buy them as a gift for a decent price and q… Read more

David April 18, 2018 answer

Hello everyone is there any interresting and good places in east side of istanbul near pendik or anywhere there to visi… Read more

JaCem April 16, 2018 answer

I like to join a group which doing cycling so do you know how can i join with some group in Istanbul? Just one time try… Read more

Habeeb April 16, 2018 answer

Hello, we will have 3 toddlers around the age of 2 that will be with us this summer in Istanbul. We will be staying nea… Read more

h April 15, 2018 answer

Dear All, my sister and I are surprising our parent with a trip to istanbul. They have 40 years anniversary and both bi… Read more

Sabina April 6, 2018 answer

What is oldest hotel in Turkey? and oldest hotels in Istanbul?

Habeeb April 4, 2018 answer

Hello everyone, i would like to know about cheese stores here in istanbul that sell international cheeses (french swi… Read more

monta April 3, 2018 answer

Coming to Istanbul first week of October and trying to find good rock clubs, bars, musics scened with live music...

Patrik April 2, 2018 answer

Pls kindly recommend the best breakfast place in Karakoy

Svetlana March 31, 2018 answer

Hello. I plan to visit Dolmabahce Palace with my mother (71 years old). She still can walk but for long distance walk I… Read more

Sandra March 31, 2018 answer

Hi everyone i recently moved to istanbul and i am studying here and i was wondering if there are calm cosy coffee hous… Read more

monta March 27, 2018 answer

Is there any pleace, as we can eat breakfast, launch and dinner at İstanbul, Kadıköy?

Emre March 26, 2018 answer

Where can i find a delicious turkish breakfast?

Alexa March 23, 2018 answer

Hello! Im in Istanbul for 3 days in April and wondering whether there are local gyms I can join that let me use the gym… Read more

Alicia March 22, 2018 answer

Are there any Korean cosmetics shops in Istanbul? Thank you!

Svetlana March 18, 2018 answer

First, is it difficult for U.S. citizens to get Turkish visas right now? I've checked the government website recently, … Read more

Austin March 16, 2018 answer

My wife my 8years son are intending to visit miniaturk,rahmi m koc, peire lotti, and 3 in 1 (legoland, icemusuem, juras… Read more

Samer March 16, 2018 answer

My wife my 8 years son and me are intending to visit miniaturk , rahmi m koc, eyup cami , peirelotte ' and three in one… Read more

Samer March 16, 2018 answer

Hi everyone, i have a few questions. - where to shop for cheap worldwide brands clothes in Istanbul? - What fun acti… Read more

Mayar March 12, 2018 answer

Hi everybody From where i can buy guys clothes by good quality and price ?

ahmad March 7, 2018 answer

Hi guys! Any recommended karaoke in town?

Svetlana March 3, 2018 answer

Hi every one 👋🏼😃, Which is famous restaurants now which is published on Snapchat on famouse accounts and the most peop… Read more

Habeeb March 3, 2018 answer

Hello I'm travelling to istanbul. Would be great to know, any local must things to do. Anything relating to design ex… Read more

Shanel February 26, 2018 answer

Hi all! I will be going to Istanbul and staying on the Asian side of the city for an event at Silence Istanbul Hotel an… Read more

Serene February 26, 2018 answer

Is there any nice turkish cuisine (not just fish) restaurant by the water (from Besiktas till Bebek)?

Svetlana February 24, 2018 answer

Hi, what restaurants similar to Lucca do you recommend? Thanks

Alexa February 13, 2018 answer

I am looking for a nice cafe to have breakfast? Cheers, Sebastian

sebastian February 11, 2018 answer

I am looking for a group of photographers or videographers to go around Istanbul together for one day

Ali February 10, 2018 answer

Where found a shop

desiree February 5, 2018 answer

I’m searching for a place to hang around and meet local artists. Any suggestions?

Andrei January 15, 2018 answer

Hello again we are tring to find good quality brocade fabrics at a depot price( we whant to buy large amounts). Does so… Read more

Andrei January 15, 2018 answer

hello, we are a traveling couple from Bucharest. I would appreciate if you can give me a suggestion from where to buy g… Read more

Andrei January 15, 2018 answer

I am in my mid 60’s, and i found that many of the local pubs are just for the younger and louder crowds. I recently ret… Read more

Ryd January 13, 2018 answer

I will visit Istanbul for 3 days and I wanna make sure that I eat the best food :) Any baklava suggestions?

sedat January 1, 2018 answer

i want to spend my new year night in ortakoy to watch the fire works , please recommend a nice restaurant to have dinne… Read more

Rola December 27, 2017 answer

Is Christmas celebrated in Istanbul? Do you know of any restaurants/hotels that will throw a "traditional" Christmas lu… Read more

George December 19, 2017 answer

i will be staying 3 night in ALPEK HOTEL, Hobyar Mah. Arpacilar Cad. No:10 Eminonu - Fatih, 34110, Turkey. please sugg… Read more

riyaz December 12, 2017 answer

Hi guys, I'm looking for a place teaching how to make a soap , any professional places for that ?

Noura December 10, 2017 answer

Could anyone please tell me if gallery cemberlitas and Egyptian bazaar/capali carci are open on Sundays??

Μαρία December 9, 2017 answer

Apparently its very expensive to use the internet in my smartphone through my mobile company while I am in istanbul. I … Read more

Μαρία December 5, 2017 answer

Hi istanbul peeps! Im currently at istanbul and would like to catch a movie, Justice League. May i know if its in turki… Read more

Aqilah December 2, 2017 answer

How much is the price of an one hour workshop in Caferaga Madrasa? We want to participate in a marble painting one.

Μαρία November 26, 2017 answer

Hi! So, no kids only a couple that wants to have fun. Which place would you suggest from these two and why?

Μαρία November 26, 2017 answer

Online shopping websites are not accepting international credit cards, also for registration you need a TC identificat… Read more

Sandeep November 26, 2017 answer

what are the best online shopping websites for new born baby clothes and gifts in istanbul? i wanted to send a gift to … Read more

Sandeep November 23, 2017 answer

So, I REALLY REALLY want to visit chocolate museum (even though I am vegan and I have no idea if I they will have anyth… Read more

Μαρία November 23, 2017 answer

Im coming with my bestfriend who is about to get married for a bachelorette trip so we want fun places to go in the mor… Read more

Laila November 22, 2017 answer

Hello, so we will be staying in sultanahmet area. We will buy the Istanbul card for our transportation but I would like… Read more

Μαρία November 21, 2017 answer

Hi its me again lol. Can you please tell me if sucuk lokum or lokum is vegan? I see many different kinds in stalls and… Read more

Μαρία November 19, 2017 answer

I've been looking for a hamam to try with my husband, but in one of the reviews I saw that it was only for men! Are the… Read more

Μαρία November 19, 2017 answer

Hello, I will visit Istanbul with my husband on Christmas. Is the term vegan familiar in istanbul? Locals here suggest … Read more

Μαρία November 18, 2017 answer

hello locals i m travelling alone any good hostel near sultanahmet . how can i get good company for 5 days stay . wh… Read more

Hassaan November 16, 2017 answer

Is there any mixed hamam in Istanbul to recommend?

Misa November 2, 2017 answer

where can i find the best major confectionarysaccessories, like,cake mold,cutter types,birthday theme??

hanieh October 28, 2017 answer

Hi there locals, It'll be a great help if you can name me a few halal dinner with awesome view! I'm looking at somew… Read more

Aqilah October 26, 2017 answer

Hi istanbul locals, may I know if flying drone is permissible?

Aqilah October 21, 2017 answer

Any salsa/bachata dancers in Istanbul? Where can I go this week for salsa/bachata? Let me know please! I'll be in Istan… Read more

Serene October 15, 2017 answer

Hello, I will travel to Istanbul for a week's holiday in March 2018. I would like to find a public swimming pool, 25 or… Read more

Varpu October 14, 2017 answer

I am really interested in the details of everyday life in late ottoman empire istanbul. Is there any particular museum … Read more

An Inactive User October 11, 2017 answer

Hi all! Which neighbiuehood do you recommend staying in? Im looking at Sultanahmet or Beyoglu. Any recommendations fir … Read more

Serene October 10, 2017 answer

Hi am traveling this month to Istanbul may I know where to buy local mobile phone card with data roaming? Thanks for yo… Read more

MeKayla October 10, 2017 answer

Hi there Istanbul locals! I'll be going over in Mid-November till early December. May I know how's the weather like? A … Read more

Aqilah October 9, 2017 answer

i am planning to visit in end of dec with family & 2 kids. Looking for reasonable 3 star hotel with swimmimg pool & nic… Read more

riyaz September 25, 2017 answer

Hello everyone! So i visited Istanbul many times now and i wanted to see new places that are not know for regular tour… Read more

Hind September 23, 2017 answer

Hey Istanbulians :), last question "I think": I will be coming next week in sha Allah to Istanbul so whats the weather … Read more

Rasha September 21, 2017 answer

We dont want musques or museum we would like to do actually something..! We are waiting for your tips thanks alot!

mariam September 19, 2017 answer

Hello everyone, I will be coming next week to Istanbul so here is the big question: WHAT ARE THE PLACES THAT I MUST GO … Read more

Rasha September 16, 2017 answer

i want to buy 24 beach towel size big made 100% cotton from istanbul. i think they are called peshtemal

leila September 15, 2017 answer

Hello locals! My friend will be visiting Istanbul by the end of this month and he is looking for a well connected, loc… Read more

Melissa September 9, 2017 answer

Things like food and transportation and whatnot, are they relatively cheap or is it expensive as compared to other Euro… Read more

Serene September 8, 2017 answer

I am just a tad concerned about safety and was hoping to seek your advice about traveling to Istanbul! Thank you!

Serene September 8, 2017 answer

I am planning on going to Istanbul from 16 October to 22 October. Will the temperature be too cold (i.e. okay to wear s… Read more

Serene September 7, 2017 answer

are there any circus or magic shows in Istanbul?

fofo September 5, 2017 answer

Hello Everyone This is Rasha who asks alot :) I will be coming to Istanbul in sha Allah on 24th Sep so I was wondering … Read more

Rasha September 3, 2017 answer

Where do I find a secondhandbooks in english in istanbul? - is there a place where they host a musical events not big … Read more

Sara August 29, 2017 answer

Merhaba! In two weeks I will be in Istanbul and I want a cosy place to have a cappuccino, a desert, near Taksim, for ex… Read more

Dora August 29, 2017 answer

I'll be in Istanbul in September for 10 days! And i wonder if i can go to Bursa but just for one day! So what is the be… Read more

Meriem August 18, 2017 answer

Hi i wondered if anyone knew of any good fish resturants in taskim or karakoy as i will be staying in that area?? Thank… Read more

Ceri August 17, 2017 answer

Hey everyone, I have two questions. 1) is there like a housewife that cooks and invite us to have lunch? "Ofcourse with… Read more

Sara August 14, 2017 answer

Dear local people, Is there anybody who has information about this accomodation: Sultan Hostel & Guesthouse Address… Read more

Barbara August 8, 2017 answer

hey everyone, i'm re-visiting istanbul by the end of august and i want to buy turkish tv series collection dvds in ista… Read more

Anis August 8, 2017 answer

Dear local people, It seems I have many many questions. Cause I had many of them already. Now my question is that i… Read more

Barbara August 5, 2017 answer

Selam, bu ay içinde yurt dışından İstanbul'a 22 sene aradan sonra geliyorum. Uçağım ilk önce Sabiha Gökçen havaalanina … Read more

I just love Huqqa in Ortakoy Area and its beautiful ambiance, do U know if there is similar resturant/cafes with live D… Read more

Rasha August 4, 2017 answer

I just love Huqqa in Ortakoy Area and its beautiful ambiance, do U know if there is similar resturant/cafes with live D… Read more

Rasha August 4, 2017 answer

Hey guys i will b coming in sha Allah to Istanbul by mid Sep and I wanted to know if Via Port Mall is still open or not… Read more

Rasha August 4, 2017 answer

Hey guys i will b coming in sha Allah to Istanbul by mid Sep and I wanted to know if Via Port Mall is still open or not… Read more

Rasha August 4, 2017 answer

Hey guys i will b coming in sha Allah to Istanbul by mid Sep and I wanted to know if Via Port Mall is still open or not… Read more

Rasha August 4, 2017 answer

I am arriving in Istanbul Sept 1st for 7 days and would like to go and see live music. I like all kinds of music. Thanks

Jim August 3, 2017 answer

Dearest local people, I will come to Istanbul in September. I had many questions previously as well. But now I … Read more

Barbara August 1, 2017 answer

I am a woman travelling on my own to Istanbul in September and I wonder if you have any suggestions in regards to where… Read more

Jonna July 31, 2017 answer

Dearest local people, I am going to arrive to Istanbul SAW Airport and I want to spend 1-2 days/nights in Tuzla. … Read more

Barbara July 27, 2017 answer

Hello everybody, I'd like to ask you about the weather plz in istanbul i'm coming in september 16th for a week. Accordi… Read more

Hanane July 27, 2017 answer

Hello ! I am coming to Istanbul in august for a week long trip and I'd like to know the best way to go about transporta… Read more

Oumaima July 27, 2017 answer

Hello everybody. I would like to know is there a tickets which I can buy in Istanbul for 1 week? If so what is the pric… Read more

Deimantas July 23, 2017 answer

Hii everyone I am going to be in istanbul within days and, I was wondering if there is any online booking shuttle fro… Read more

Marwa July 21, 2017 answer

I want to gift a friend Gelincik plant, seeds or flowers, i cant find on internet where can i buy them. if any local ca… Read more

Sandeep July 16, 2017 answer

Hi everyone, I wanted to ask where do you recommend for me to go while shopping, relaxing in kadikoy and eastern side i… Read more

Rasha July 14, 2017 answer

Hello guys, I'm looking for a route/ trail for hiking/ walking around or near Istanbul. Also, is there any hiking do h… Read more

Mishari July 8, 2017 answer

Any recommendations for women's hair salon in this area with cheap prices? And how much an average haircut costs?

Zaynab July 6, 2017 answer

Any recommendations for women's hair salon in this area with cheap prices? And how much an average haircut costs?

Zaynab July 6, 2017 answer

My dearest local people, I will arrive to Istanbul(Sabiha Airport) in September. I would like to spend my first o… Read more

Barbara July 3, 2017 answer

Hello everyone!!! We want to go to the best mall in istanbul where all the best brands are. Which one do you recommend?

Susana June 27, 2017 answer

I'm staying in Istanbul today , I want to spend the night in a good decent night club, Can anybody recommend for me a g… Read more

Ahmed June 24, 2017 answer

Hello everyone!! We just arrived istanbul and realized that everything will be closed on sunday, monday and tuesday. Wh… Read more

Susana June 23, 2017 answer

Hello everyone!! We just arrived istanbul and realized that everything will be closed on sunday, monday and tuesday. Wh… Read more

Susana June 23, 2017 answer

Hello people, my friend and I are visiting Istanbul today for 6 days, we are looking for some fun, any suggestions fo… Read more

Ahmad June 23, 2017 answer

Hello people, my friend and I are visiting Istanbul today for 6 days, we are looking for some fun, any suggestions for … Read more

Ahmad June 23, 2017 answer

Hello everyone, my friend and I are visiting Istanbul today for 6 days, any suggestions for a great nightlife experienc… Read more

Ahmad June 23, 2017 answer

Hello! Im looking for healthy restaurants, juice bars and organic markets. Any recommendation?

Susana June 22, 2017 answer

Hello! Im looking for healthy restaurants, juice bars and organic markets. Any recommendation?

Susana June 22, 2017 answer

Good morning my fellas in Turkey !! I have a long wait at Sabiha Airport to Kayseri Airport is about 13 hours. So how c… Read more

Denny June 22, 2017 answer

Hi Guys, is it enough to explore Turkey only for 5 Days ?

Denny June 4, 2017 answer

Curious to know where I could do a one or two day workshop on this that would involve some art history, building tours … Read more

Jane June 4, 2017 answer

Hi there! Need help finding a nice fish place for a friend who comes to Istanbul in some weeks. He wants some small … Read more

Andriy May 30, 2017 answer

Hello, I've visited Istanbul a few times now and each time, when I walk along Istiklal there is a man who I never took … Read more

Mike May 28, 2017 answer

Hi. My friend and I will be in Istanbul on 29 Oct - Republic Day this year and I'm trying to figure out the best place … Read more

Lizelle May 28, 2017 answer

i am visiting Istanbul with my friends on Kurban Bayram and we wanted to book somewhere safe as we are females only and… Read more

Lobna May 13, 2017 answer

We will be in Istanbul for 4 days and are looking for suggestions on places to eat on a budget near Old Town and the Sp… Read more

Sandra May 11, 2017 answer

My husband, daughter and I will be in Istanbul and are looking for an affordable central place to stay where we can eas… Read more

Sandra April 25, 2017 answer

I like village life and i like traditional eating so what are villages name very good to go around and hang out and eat… Read more

Habeeb April 25, 2017 answer

Dears good morning, I would like to visit Zekeriyakoy but how to go from Kadikoy by public transportation i don't want… Read more

Habeeb April 25, 2017 answer

I like to attend football matches and by good coincidence on my arrival in Istanbul there is a strong match between Baş… Read more

Habeeb April 24, 2017 answer

I like very much to know new people and learn a new cultures and try to experience their traditional eating and communi… Read more

Habeeb April 24, 2017 answer

Can anyone recommend a place or a person to experience coffee reading? Is it still being practiced in Istanul? Will be… Read more

Andriy April 13, 2017 answer

I am interested in: Culture, nice places to drink with good view, hamam bath, etc

Aanal April 4, 2017 answer

I want to take around Istanbul's sky :) with helicopter tour but the web site for asked me f… Read more

Habeeb March 21, 2017 answer

What are the places if i go ther i well not forget

onnosa March 5, 2017 answer

Tulips when and what is the best place

onnosa March 5, 2017 answer

Ben ıstakoz seviyorum Nerede en iyi yemek restoran bulmak için?

Habeeb March 4, 2017 answer

Seri "Kira Aşk" bir restoran her zaman serisi şampiyonu yemek var Restoranın adı nedir?

Habeeb March 4, 2017 answer

guide will pick us up at airport and drop us back off. the itinary includes the major attractions for brief stops and… Read more

jackie March 1, 2017 answer

i like events and exhibition so there is anything during my trip from 6 May to 11 Mar. Regards Habeeb

Habeeb February 17, 2017 answer

I like very much to share different people with their traditional and Culture, so i am looking in my next trip to istan… Read more

Habeeb February 17, 2017 answer

Nasıl ulaşılacağını Özyeğin Üniversitesi itibaren Taksim Toplu taşıma ile

Habeeb February 17, 2017 answer

I plan to be in Istanbul in early March and would like to see as much nature as possible in the surrounding countryside… Read more

Glenn January 31, 2017 answer

I am planning to visit Istanbul in Feb. Wanted to know what places can be covered in 4 days. Thanks

ISHRAQ January 15, 2017 answer

Hello all , i was willing to travel to turkey next month and i was wondering where can i do skiing , sky diving and b… Read more

bashar December 24, 2016 answer

Hi. My girlfriend and I are going to be in Istanbul for December. We are in our mid twenties and from South Africa Wh… Read more

robert November 16, 2016 answer

بخصوص السكن قرب مترو شيشاني وش الاماكن القريبة منه

onnosa November 2, 2016 answer

hi everyone, i recently moved to istanbul and i wanna ask few things, where can i listen to a local bands or local turk… Read more

betul October 3, 2016 answer

Hello, Me and my Fiancee are from Holland, she is Turkish and we are planning to come to Istanbul next week. We are … Read more

Jamal September 30, 2016 answer

is it save for me if i wanna go to istanbul on dec 2016

Niela September 17, 2016 answer

Hi everyone i will be in istanbul during the week end before bayram with my sister we have previously visited the main … Read more

Sissi September 4, 2016 answer

Hello! I'll visit your lovely town on 22/9 for 4 days.. its my 7th time in Istanbul, i've seen all the sights and i d… Read more

Vasiliki September 2, 2016 answer

hey :) do you think that outlets (like olivium mall) offer better price than other malls ? which one do you advice me … Read more

Ali September 1, 2016 answer

hello, I am travelling to istanbul next week and i might spend some days matching with the feast of the sacrifice, i wo… Read more

Ali August 30, 2016 answer

Selamlar! Cevabınız için çok teşekkür ederim :) I'll be spending five days in Istanbul and I am looking for new places… Read more

Rouba August 20, 2016 answer

Merhaba! İ will be in İstanbul during the end of August, and I want to visit Haydarpaşa garı. Can I enter inside and wa… Read more

Rouba August 20, 2016 answer

Hi there This my last day In Istanbul and I need to go dance? Do you any place open all the week So I can go there t… Read more

Ali July 5, 2016 answer

Things to do in popular destinations



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Los Angeles

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New York

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