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What new things can be done in İstanbul?

By Traveller August 20, 2016

What new things can be done in İstanbul?

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By Rouba Traveller August 20, 2016

Selamlar! Cevabınız için çok teşekkür ederim :)
I'll be spending five days in Istanbul and I am looking for new places to visit and things to see. I need to make the most out of my time. I've seen the main attractions like Dolmabahçe, blue mosque, basilica cistern, etc... What do you recommend? I'll be visiting the Süleymaniye camii and i was thinking of checking out Balat and Fener neighborhood. Are they safe for three girls traveling alone? Appreciating your help on this :)

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newly popular cozy places:
- Arnavutkoy (Arnavutköy). There are lots of cafes,pattiseries, restaurants and cocktail bars
- Balat. 3rd wave coffee shops, boutiques, cafes. You can observe both the new and the old side of Istanbul
-Karakoy (Karaköy)
-Cukurcuma (Çukurcuma)
Local August 21, 2016
I have never been in çukurcuma, What is interesting there?
Lera Local September 13, 2018
When you visit old town, you can see all the places you mention; blue mosque, basilica cistern, süleymaniye mosque etc.
Galata, Karaköy, Arnavutköy are so popular these days, must to visit. also Balat and Fener is really nice. You can use foursuare to check cool places.
It's safe to travel, relax :)
These all places are in European side, if you want to see Asian(Anatolian) side, you can use vapur(such as vaporetto) from Eminönü, Beşiktaş or Karaköy. Kadıköy is a nice place to spend time.
enjoy your stay :)
Local August 24, 2016
there are many place to visit and enjoy, when you come to İstanbul inform me, I can design a guiding program for you
Local August 22, 2016
Hello Seyyah, thank you! Can you give me the route I should take in Fener and Balat to save time and avoid getting lost?
you can go to eminononu and walk to balat and fener
it s easy
Seyyah Local August 23, 2016
Better by bus, for walking tour it’s very long distance and nothing to see, too hot
Lera Local August 28, 2018
It's safe, don't worry.
You planned to see the old city only but you should take a look at the modern face of İstanbul.

There are many cozy places in Karaköy, you can eat or drink there, especially in the evenings.

If you like nightlife, you'll also like to spend time in famous clubs near the shore of bosphorus, Reina, Anjelique.

You may have a breakfast at Rumeli Hisarı, you'll love both food and the view.

Prince Islands can be a good, peaceful option, especially if you go there on weekdays.

Enjoy your stay at İstanbul, and please ask if you need more detail.
Local August 21, 2016

Fener Balat is sureli sade during The day. There is a great museum in Kadir Has University and a very famous but low profile meatball restaurant I can suggest for lunch. The lunch place is famous as Findik Kabuğunda Köfte..
Karaköy is a Fun place too..cafes, restaurants...third wave coffee house called Sapiens.
Hope you enjoy your trip
Local August 21, 2016
Hi! First, it is generally safe relative to other cities but of course watch your belongings and be alert anywhere you go. Next, have you considered looking at the modern face of the city? Like the upscale neighborhood of Nisantasi, or the interesting architecture of kanyon mall? There is also a beautiful restaurant called 360 in taksim that offers a view better than Gallata tower and while you eat! Did you spend time walking around Beyoglu? It's beautiful and some is the little places to have a tea or meal there are fantastic! I also recommend highly the Istanbul modern art museum. Finally Saffire mall offers an unparalleled view of the city. They charge and it is like going up into the Empire State Building which is kind of funny because it is not nearly as tall. In any case. I am recommending modern. You can see below other recommendations and blend.
Local August 21, 2016
I'll be staying in Galata. I've been to the 360 restaurant for drinks before; it's wonderful! Nişantaşı is on my list and I want to walk around Beyoğlu more this time. Thanks for the recommendations!
Also if you want to get a good vision of istanbuls scenery i recommend you to take a boat tour to the bosphorus. You can get the tickets from either kadikoy or eminonu (where ever is closer) or you can go to Pierre Loti which is in the european side, Eyüp.
Local August 21, 2016
I would recommend you to go to Walter's Coffe Roastery and Cikolata Dukkanı in Moda. Moda is a very nice neighborhood with many clothing shops and cute cafes. You can also enjoy tea by the sea. Bagdat Street is another place where you can shop and eat. Very nice street with good people. On the european side Bakirkoy is a nice place to shop. It is also by the sea.
Those places you said should be safe for you but still be careful anout traveling at night. Have fun in Istanbul!
Local August 21, 2016
Hello Rouba, yes you should see Balat and Fener, do not worry about wandering there alone, I just recommend you to visit during daytime both for safety and view :)

You can go to Karaköy for a good coffee, there are many newly opened cafes there.

You can go to Bebek for a good sea view (following the same coast after Ortaköy)

You can visit Istanbul Modern Museum and Borusan Contemporary if you are interested in art. Both of them have great Istanbul view.

Have fun!
Local August 20, 2016
Dont worry :)
Local April 20, 2019
Balat and Fener are very interesting and pretty safe at the day time. You can take sketch tour with me around Beyogly and Karakoy, to discover ancient streets, roof top bars, strange museums and try to draw your impressions
Local August 28, 2018
İt is safe but don’t be too late
Balat is very old part of the city

You can also go to Bebek, at bosphorus neighborhood

What you do you want to do
Local June 30, 2018
fener balat best location ever for you.. day or night you can go there to take beautiful old photos of istanbul.
Night is not good for sure 😂☝️
Lera Local August 28, 2018
I am sorry to be too late for the answer. Did you come and left?
Local September 18, 2016
Hello, hope this is not too late.
I would recommend basilica and dolmabahce. You should visit around the whole area. Those places are really near each other.
Balat and Fener are more nostalgic areas, they are safe in day time but I wouldn't recommend at night.
Apart from that, try to see Karakoy, Cihangir, Taksim, Galata Tower and Sultanahmet.
Hope this helps :)
Traveller September 2, 2016