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Customer feedback about Day Trips from Istanbul

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Great Experience :)
We've had a great experience learning how to draw on the water in Ebru method, we had a great artistic talk with Mr. Ali the ebru teacher.

very friendly place in a great tourist area if you want to visit the blue mosque and Sultan Ahmet area.

The booking process with Hakan is smooth and easy and we got his confirmation on very quickly in short notice.

This experience is highly recommended by me and my friend that share with me the experience.
Turkish Paper Marbling (Ebru) Class in Istanbul
Very good experience and nice instructor.
Turkish Paper Marbling (Ebru) Class in Istanbul
A meditation
The settings of the ceremony are quite modest, but don't be fooled - the performance is a must-see for anyone who wants a better taste of Istanbul.
Whirling Dervishes Ceremony at Istanbul’s Sirkeci Train Station
Unique experience
Unique experience on EBRU. Many thanks to teach me and provide maximum time to my own design. Betul is a real master, many thanks for your knowledge and so pretty converstaion about Turkey and whole world.
Unexpected skill to me but I highly recommend to anybody especially if you want to know Turkey arts bette and have a meditation because it's really like a meditation.
Turkish Paper Marbling (Ebru) Class in Istanbul
Great orientation of Istanbul
We had Gökhan show us around Istanbul on our first day in town and are really glad we did.

Prior to the tour he asked what we were interested in seeing and doing. We were interested in getting a feel for the city, seeing some of the things locals do on the weekend and finding some good places to eat. I said we didn't want to visit a heap of Mosques and museums as we're not big history buffs. He came up with a plan and also said he'd bring his wife along which worked out well.

On the day they were at our hotel on time and we set off for our walking tour. Things my wife and I liked about the tour:
- as we walked he told us about the things were passing
- he'd clearly thought about a plan for the day based on what we wanted to do
- showed us how to use public transport and we used it to quickly move between areas
- tasted a few local specialities
- showed us things they like to do on the weekend in Istanbul
- explained some of the major areas

After the tour he was more than happy to message us to answer questions and give more advice.

Gökhan is relatively new as a tour guide but we really enjoyed our experience with him. We felt like we could enjoy the city without having to check google maps every 2 minutes. He offers the tours because he is proud of Istanbul and likes to meet new people and it really shows through. I'd strongly recommend booking a tour with him
Personalised Tour of Istanbul with a Local
Great way to see the highlights
Tiur operator was great. Very knowledgeable of all the sites and genuinely able to provide good insights into history, life in Istanbul and Turkey today, and how to make the most out of my trip.
Would highly recommend.
Off The Beaten Path of Real Istanbul Tour
Awesome Tour
The wife And I did a full day tour and it was great! We got to see a lot of the main attractions and the guide did a great job telling us about the past of each area and building. He lead us to several key areas of the city and then took us to areas we might had no idea had such history. The tour was well worth it and a great time.
Off The Beaten Path of Real Istanbul Tour
Outstanding Private Guide Service
We planned a visit to Turkey and Greece with another couple. We did a lot of online research to come up with a short list of well regarded private guides who are knowledgeable about the biblical sites in each country. Ertunga Ecir responded to our inquiries with detailed recommendations, based on his extensive experience leading tours to Istanbul and the "seven churches of Revelation". No choosing from Tour 1, Tour 2 or Tour 3.

Ertunga put together an outstanding 10-day itinerary. We were constantly impressed by his knowledge and by his love of the country. He was also quite flexible and creative as our interests were piqued, or our energy was flagging...

I highly recommend Ertunga for tour planning and as a private tour guide.
4-Day Private Biblical Tour of the Seven Churches of Revelation
Oh, how I loved my trip to Turkey!
I have always wanted to visit Turkey, and feel so blessed that a friend of a friend gave me Ertunga’s name. I am not a large-group-tour-bus person, so was thrilled to find someone who could be my private guide for an affordable price. Ertunga was great to work with from the beginning. He responded to my emails within 24 hours, came up with a wonderful itinerary which I was able to tweak, was flexible with my dates, and willing to answer any and all questions.

The big question everyone wants to know: is Turkey safe? For the 2 and 1/2 weeks that I was there, I never felt in the slightest danger. (I feel in some ways our country is much more dangerous as 96 Americans die from gun violence every day. And we think Turkey may be unsafe?) The people were warm, friendly, hospitable, and always willing to help.

We visited biblical ruins, Roman ruins, Greek ruins, Hittite ruins, Lycian ruins, Byzantine, and Ottman buildings, bascillicas, and mosques. We viewed a sunken city on the Mediterranean through the glass bottom of a boat. We saw whirling dervishes. I had a Turkish bath. I’ve always wanted to take a hot air balloon ride – Ertunga arranged one for me in Cappadocia over volcanic “fairy chimneys”. Istanbul lives up to it’s fabulous reputation. We traveled 2,500 miles together, which allowed me to ask all kinds of questions about his amazing country — about it’s history, culture, and people. Turkish guides are extremely well qualified, and Ertunga was able to answer everything. It was the trip of a lifetime, and I am so grateful that I found him and his travel company.
4-Day Private Biblical Tour of the Seven Churches of Revelation
Good experience but not excepcional!
The room is beautiful and confortable. Tea was served before the show. Musicians were good.
But there were only 3 "dancers". One of them was really good, the other one was only "ok" and the last one was VERY young and was not able to do all de movements.
Whirling Dervishes Ceremony at Istanbul’s Sirkeci Train Station
thoroughly informative and worth it.
the tour captured all the aspects that one was expecting although i added hagia sophia to the itinerary it did not deter from it.

our guide was very fluent in his understanding of the history and way of life of istanbul and offered incredible insight to this beautiful city full of history.

thinking back to our day spent with him brings back wonderful memories. he offered us local's insider which we greatly valued and needed as we were planning a shopping trip the day after.

my one major critisism with like a local is that i still havent received money that i booked another tour prior to booking this one on the 14th May 2018; that tour was full at the time and i was sent an email notifying me that the funds will be returned to my bank account, this has not yet happened and today is the 30th May 2018.
other than that, the like a local is a brilliant idea

Off The Beaten Path of Real Istanbul Tour
A warm and creative experience
I loved learning (the first baby steps) of such a long lasting and beautiful tradition with Ebru. She’s a fantastic teacher and a super warm host. She brings out the most creative you with ease. And the technique is very easy to grasp for a beginner. The place is lovely as well, including a nice terrace where we had coffee and tea overlooking old Istanbul.
Turkish Paper Marbling (Ebru) Class in Istanbul
Great experience
I really recommend this class to everyone. The hosts were very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. We enjoyed the art so much we stayed overtime. Delightful experience!
Turkish Paper Marbling (Ebru) Class in Istanbul
lovely experience!!!
i had the most fun learning Ebru with bettul and her husband. theyre both really lovely people and very good teachers.
Turkish Paper Marbling (Ebru) Class in Istanbul
Great class, fun and relaxing!
Myself and partner did the Turkish Marbling course offered. It was a great, relaxing way to spend a morning and leaves you with a unique, handmade memento of your time in Istanbul. Thanks to Betul who is fantastic and very patient!

My special thanks to Hakan who made us feel so welcome and accommodated!
Turkish Paper Marbling (Ebru) Class in Istanbul
Superb Art Lesson
Great teacher, cool studio and a ton of beautiful art work to take home. Wonderful to be taught a new art technique that is authenticity Turkish using natural materials. Great value and very hospitable teacher. Would highly recommend!
Turkish Paper Marbling (Ebru) Class in Istanbul
Paper marbling
We just got back from Istanbul and the I booked the marbling class for the last day. I was not expecting to have such experience. The artist talked about the whole process then walked us through step by step allowing us to creat more elaborate are as we went. I have very little talent but even so I was proud of my work. My daughter, on the other hand, is very talented and caught on right away. Even though the lesson was supposed to be a couple of hours, Ali worked with my daughter for double the amount of time. The attached picture shows what you can creat having never done this before. After we finished working we were welcome on the terrace for tea and cookies. I don't think there is a better view in all of Istanbul. We had to allow the paper to dry so we took a walk to the spice market to do a bit of shopping for kitchen items. When we walked back to the studio our artwork was dry and ready to take home.

The day was certainly not spent waiting on long lines to view tourist attractions rather experiencing something fun and unique.

An A+ company giving A+ experience.
Turkish Paper Marbling (Ebru) Class in Istanbul
Sahabe visit May 2016
We had the privilege of this being our second visit to the blessed Sahabe of Istanbul. The blessings received are priceless. I would totally recommend anyone visiting this beautiful city not to leave without doing ziyaret of the blessed Sahabe.
This company is thoroughly professional & it is commendable that they are keeping alive the history of the blessed Sahabe in Istanbul . This is not something that can be done without guidance as most tombs are scattered around the city,some in obscure locations.
Time was allocated at each place for respectful contemplation & prayers.
We had the full benefit of Dervish Erol's expert knowledge & spiritual insight. He brought the stories of the Sahabe alive with great eloquence. His words were poetic, translated with great care from Turkish by Hakan, who was amazing.
Many thanks for a memorable day.
May Allah bless you with every success in your endeavours.
Half Day Sahaba Islamic Visits Tours In Istanbul
We did the "Real istanbul" on our first morning in the city. Emre, our guide was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the city and was able to quickly get us orientated. He was passionate about sharing the culture, traditions and religion which have played their parts in shaping the city and its people. The tour took place in the main sites but also gave us a taste of some of the more quieter and hidden areas just a few steps from the tourist trails.
Emre bought some local teas, pastries and organised a hookah at a traditional cafe and later provided baklava. we used bus and ferry too to go old greek district and to come back from there to Eminonu

This is great tour to do on your first day. The tour started at 9 am and finished about 5pm and was well paced for the guests.
Off The Beaten Path of Real Istanbul Tour

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