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Istanbul Private Foodie Tour

Discover and taste Turkey’s best culinary specialities while exploring lesser-known districts of Istanbul on a private 6-hour foodie adventure! This tour takes you from cosy cafés to hidden-away restaurants, niche food stores and vibrant kitchens in Beyoğlu and beyond.
Duration 6 hours
Private tour available in English
Group tour pricing from 150 EUR per person
My two travel companions and I have been lucky enough to have visited Turkey before and so wanted to try a bit of an off the beaten track look into Istanbul and the food that really inspires the locals... we couldn't have selected a better company or guide - knowledgeable, insightful and happy to accommodate our requests. We found awesome neighborhoods, definite spots to return too, great places to shop and a number of haunts that are frequented by the current crop of cool-kids, but that we felt welcome in regardless. All-in-all, we should have done this tour at the beginning of the trip so that we could have made use of all of our new found knowledge. If you have any doubts - this was worth every cent twice over.