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Clock Tower

Izmir Clock Tower

Why locals love it

Izmir Clock Tower (Turkish: İzmir Saat Kulesi) is a historic clock tower located at the Konak Square in the Konak district of İzmir, Turkey. One of the meeting points of Izmirians. From there, you can walk through Kemeraltı (bazaar), go to Kızlarağası Hanı (inn) and also walk to Asansör (historical elevator).



Why you should visit it

For me it is the heart of the city. You can buy lots and lots of street food (döner, simit, boyoz) and when you go to narrow streets, you can drink fresh fruit juices for 1,2 lira. When you walk through Kemeraltı (bazaar), you can buy clothes, shoes and souvenirs.

Special tip

Visit Kemeraltı and go to Kızlarağası Hanı (you will see the signs) and drink Turkish Coffee there. Buy souvenirs. And always bargain :)

Izmir Clock Tower
Saat Kulesi

Mon-Su: Open 24 hours

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