Rugby world cup

By Traveller July 17, 2019

Rugby world cup

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By Alan Traveller July 17, 2019

Over in September, will be wanting to watch Wales in a world cup game,any suggestions for a bar to do so?

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I'm afraid rugby is not the most popular sport around here, and that could be difficult. I am not even sure any TV channel broadcasting in LT would have bought the rights to broadcast Rugby world cup at all. If it was basketball - no problem, then every second bar would be showing the games on a big screen. (BTW luckily for you, Basketball world cup will be already finished by then). The bars showing more sports than others are these (their FB account is, you can try asking them), also
But my best bet (pun intended) on having a chance to watch the game at all would be at the sports betting places, some of which have also bars at their locations, like Though of course it is a far cry from what you are looking for... BTW you could try sending your question to Kaunas rugby club ( - if anyone here knows anything about the game, it should be them. :)
Local July 17, 2019
Thanks great help, thought we would be pushing it,and kick off will be around 09:00 .
So I think our chances are really slim.
I'm sure we'll find something else to do
Thanks for the help