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Lmapivaara's Café

Lampivaaran kahvila

Why locals love it

Lampivaara Café is a popular with the hikers of Pyhä-Luosto National Park and Lampivaara's Mine. The café has daily baked pasteries and offers refreshments. With the cup of joe you can relax and wait for your mine visitation start at the location. At the same time you can already get information about the mine and rocks if interested.



Why you should visit it

Lampivaara has a long tradition of taking breaks and has a traditional fire place for the campfire. The rest stop is maintained by Metsähallitus, which is open to all hikers. The Ukko - Luosto parking area is about 2.5 km from Lampivaara. The walking trail from Luosto is easy to walk, uphill though.

Lampivaaran kahvila
Pyhä-Luosto, Ukko-Luosto, Suomi

Mon-Su: 10:30-17:00

Mon-Su: 10:30-16:00

Tu-Sa: 10:30-15:00

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