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SnowLounge Snow Castle in Salla


Why locals love it

With its own Arctic world, the Snow Castle in Salla forms a restaurant, bedrooms, gallery, and glittering ice chapel. As it name tells all built of snow and ice. Inside, the SnowLounge has about 250m2 to see. It is possible to book your meals in advance, in the bedrooms you can stay and in the chapel you can even have a wedding for instance.



Why you should visit it

SnowLounge is located on Sallatunturi, at the bottom of the front slope, and snow structures are clearly visible from the rental car park. The SnowLounge Ice Bar offers quality cold drinks and snacks in a beautiful Arctic atmosphere. Locality and Northerness are clearly present in both the product range and the interior with its engraving.

Special tip

Founded in 2017, SnowLounge is a family-run business hosted by a large-hearted entrepreneur who built the place with the help of a family. Spring!

Revontulentie 7, Salla
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