Cover image of this place Gorge Pahtakuru

Pahtakuru Kätkätunturilla

Gorge Pahtakuru

Why locals love it

Gorge Pahtakuru is gaping on the slopes of Kätkätunturi, not very large but pretty gorge. The edge of the gorge provides a great views of village of Sirkka/Levi. Seen from this distance, it really looks like an alpine village.



Why you should visit it

The forest covered Fell Kätkätunturi rises next to Fell Levitunturi. Kätkä is a handsome sight to visit. You can get to the Fell Kätkätunturi is along the Tuomikuruntie, which leads behind Lake Immeljärvi. At the end of the road, a wide walking route starts to the Korkeaniemi camping site, and continues even further on Kätkä.

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